Fantasy Blog Tour—Christian Fiction Review, Day 1

Talking about fantasy is one of the best work-related jobs I “have” to do. It was with pleasure I discovered some months ago that one of my favorite reviewers, Tim Frankovich, had featured fantasy on the front page of his site in a section entitled Focus on Christian Fantasy (now locate by the link at the bottom of the page) at Christian Fiction Review.

This week I plan on taking a look at what Tim has done (and continues to do, since he has reviewed other fantasy books since ending his special).

Other sites also participating in this inaugural fantasy blog tour include:
Mirtika Schultz’s Mirathon blog 
Insights from Beth Goddard
Jason Joyner’s Spoiled for the Ordinary
Marci’s Writer Lee blog
Sally Apokedak’s All About Children’s Books blog
Steve Trower’s Old Testament Space Opera blog
Cheryl Russell’s Unseen Worlds blog
LaShaunda’s See You On The Net blog
Shannon McNear’s Shenandoah’s Eclectic Musings
For Monday only: Chris Well’s blog

By the way, I am happy to announce that Bryan Davis, author of the highly successful Dragons in Our Midst series, has offered to support the fantasy blog tour by giving away an autographed set of these four books. I will hold a drawing at the end of the week of all who visit A Christian Worldview of Fiction and leave a comment.

For today, I want to suggest you take a few minutes to peruse Tim’s site, specifically the fantasy page, then come back here and give your reactions.

From Tim:

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all Christian fantasy, and not even a list of all Christian fantasy reviewed on this website! There’s much more to explore, and much more to come in the coming year!


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