Fantasy Blog Tour—Christian Fiction Review, Day 4

Based on one of the comments from yesterday, I think fair disclosure is necessary. I think Tim Frankovich has done wonderful work, specifically with his Christian Fiction Review’s Focus on Christian Fantasy. However, I reserve the right to disagree with some of his opinions. Therefore, I may give a different evaluation of the books that he recommends or highly recommends.

If memory serves me well, he and I had a discussion at Faith in Fiction about one set of books that we disagree over—John White’s The Archives of Anthropos. Whereas Tim found the allegory strong, I found it transparent and predictable. Actually I only read the first book The Tower of Geburah, and it did have an influence on me—it served as one more push to write fantasy the way I wanted to read it.

Which brings me back to the topic of magic.

As I mentioned yesterday, I find from the Bible that magic is real, and yet the word magic comes with a lot of baggage. Are we talking about sorcery and witchcraft? Demon possession? Astrology (such as the Magi—the magicians from the East—used to find the baby Jesus)? How about all the divination the people of Israel did, using the Urim or casting lots to figure out what God wanted them to do?

I have to tell you, honestly, the subject confounds me, but here’s what I believe. Supernatural beings have supernatural power. That’s it.

Not profound, is it. Oh, one more important point. No supernatural power is greater than God or His Sovereignty.

So what does this all have to do with fantasy? I’ll tackle that next time.

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