Theme Wrap; Fantasy Intro

First I have a little Theme wrap-up, though I’m sure most people think there couldn’t possibly be one more thing to say on the subject! 😉

Today I was checking out the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association site and eventually opened the awards page. Under “fiction” I found the guidlines the judges were to use in selecting the book of the year. Notice #3:

3. Theme
Does the author present a coherent theme?
Does the story contain a central or dominating idea made concrete through the characters and their actions?
How well is the message integrated into the story?

So writers may be de-emphasizing theme, but it would appear publishers are not. Hmmmm.

As to Fantasy, I have two reasons for bringing up the topic, besides the obvious that I am a fantasy writer. First, Monday a group of speculative fiction writers will launch the first leg of our fantasy tour. I’m really looking forward to highlighting some books and reviews on the subject.

Second, this week I turned in paperwork for a speaking engagement with fantasy as one of the proposed workshops. Here’s what I’m proposing (the audience will be teachers of all grade levels):

There is no denying that fantasy has captured young people and pulled them into imaginative worlds. Do such stories have any value for Christians? What’s an English teacher to do—add the best fantasies to the reading list or ban them from the classroom?

Now that’s a topic I can get my teeth into. I sort of thought it would be helpful for me to do some “out loud thinking” here on the blog, so that’s my intention from time to time.

And as always, I accept any and all ideas from the audience! 🙂

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