Critical Race Theory And A Confession

The term Critical Race Theory has been bandied about for some time now. For those who may not be familiar with the term, here is a short video that gives the gist of the idea.


I have long thought that Critical Race Theory stands in contradiction to what Dr. Martin Luther King advocated, but I hadn’t heard it so clearly articulated before.  In short, Critical Race Theory is simply a part of a movement to create a cultural revolution in America, right before our eyes.

The shocking thing to me is that I recently have bought into some of this thinking without realizing it. Not about race, but about gender. Mostly I haven’t paid much attention to the whole transgender issue because it is so lacking in factual, scientific support. One thing the anti-God crowd says over and over is that we must believe in science. But when it comes to gender, these same people on the “progressive” left ignore biology in favor of feelings. Their hypocrisy and lack of common sense have made them easy to ignore, I have believed.

However, the feminist narrative which in some ways runs counter to transgender ideas, and has its own problems with science, has become its own kind of Critical Race Theory. Just without the race. That’s right. It’s Critical Gender Theory, essentially saying, Women good, Men bad. The oppressed are women, the oppressors are men. 

It’s another insidious way to divide human beings, and I realized I have bought into the ideas more than I realized. Recently I was reading in the book of Proverbs in which the author, believed to be Solomon, was passing along counsel to his son. Get wisdom, he says, and stay away from prostitutes:

And behold, a woman comes to meet him,

Dressed as a prostitute and cunning of heart.

She is boisterous and rebellious,

Her feet do not remain at home;

She is now in the streets, now in the public squares,

And lurks by every corner. (Proverbs 7:10-12)

My first thought was, I wonder what caused this woman to go the way of a prostitute. I mean, today girls are sold into the sex slave trade. They sometimes go the way of the prostitute because they’ve been abused. Some are on drugs and look to prostitution as the only way to get money to support their habit.

See what I was doing? This girl must first have been a victim before she became a prostitute. She is actually to be pitied and not viewed as rebellious as Scripture says.

OK, that’s a scary realization. The Bible doesn’t lie. While bad circumstances do affect people, those do not mitigate against rebellion.

So the feminist message that men have always and only oppressed women and the “progressive” left with the message that anyone white has and always will operate on the basis of race, both fly in the face of God’s Word.

The Bible says clearly that in God’s eyes there is no male or female, no Greek or Jew. At the cross of Jesus, all these differences are of no account. We are one body, united, without distinctions that would tear us apart or subjugate men over women or whites over those of other races.

These ideas that are being actively taught in our schools and are designed to overthrow the American culture built upon the values taught in Scripture, are beginning to take hold in all our institutions, including our churches. And sadly, I realize in some ways they have begun to take hold in me.

Maybe more than a confession, this is a warning. We’re all susceptible to the lies that Satan would have us believe to destroy God’s pictures of our relationship with Him.

He is our Father, so manhood and family are under attack. He is the head of the body, the church, and the unity of humans is under attack. On and on. These are Satan’s lies and we have to stand against, trusting instead in the truth God teaches in His word.

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  1. Interesting take on that passage, Becky. I had started to think the same thing, mostly since in the days of ancient Israel a woman had very few options. If she was unmarried or widowed and childless, she had two options: Beg or be a prostitute. But in this scenario, if I remember correctly, the woman was married, and her husband was away on a journey. She was seducing the young man purely for her own enjoyment.
    Today we are much more aware of human trafficking, and (I hope) less likely to just lock up the victims. Still, all of us are sinners, and none of us have any business “assuming” anything, except that every one of us needs Jesus.

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  2. Very VERY good indeed Rebecca.

    Critical theory is an epistemology of sorts. It slides itself right under all other thought and makes itself the lens through which everything else is seen and interpreted. Even the bible.

    In so doing, it also inoculates itself in an apriori fashion from any and all critique, or even analysis.

    The very notion of discussing whether it may be true or not is already an inadvertent admission of “white fragility.”

    Any other response than instant and total surrender is by definition a symptom of being guilty of it’s charges.

    In short, by it’s very nature it exalts itself to the place of almighty God.

    The most pernicious, poisonous, beguiling and divisive worldview imaginable.

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    • Don’t ask me how I’m showing as liking my own comment. I have no idea how that happened and would never do such a thing.


      • No worries. I’ve done that accidentally before too.



  3. Good post, Becky! Absolutely, the lies of critical gender theory are alive and well.

    Something I really like about Proverbs 7:10-12, it’s not relevant what led her into prostitution or if she is a victim or not. It is her profession that makes her predatory. Her job, her goal, is to reel this guy in. She could be an abuse victim or an addict, and while the Lord is full of mercy and understanding, those things don’t change what she is doing at the present moment and the predatory nature of her profession.

    So fast forward to today and morality is not related to your actions anymore, but to your victim status on an intersectionality hierarchy. We really have been trained to see her as a victim today and by extension perhaps to see ourselves as victims simply because we are women.

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    • Exactly, and that men are the oppressors. It’s this horrible lie that basically says no man can or will follow the fear of the Lord into the path of wisdom. What an awful worldview. People are locked into victimhood or oppressor status because of their gender. Thanks for adding your insights to the discussion, IB.



  4. It is my understanding that critical race theory was devised to be used in sociological/anthropological/economic studies at the graduate college level. Its presuppositions and methods were never intended for elementary school, where it is being introduced. Dividing is generally a step toward conquering. As the world continues its revolt against the Creator, we must beware of the strategies that divide us by gender, race, economic status, or other worldly differences; we need to be able to resist anti-God and anti-creation agendas that muddle the thinking of our worldly neighbors. J.

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