CSFF Tour – Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore, Day 1

shandittyAt last! This is a tour I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I reviewed Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore some months ago and was happy when the CSFF administrators added it to the list of books we’d feature. Our tour was scheduled for November, then chaos broke loose. OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I have to say, it makes you wonder when a book about angels, with a distinctly Biblical worldview, is mired in unusual circumstances that delay its tour.

But I’m putting that aside.

What I’d like to address today is something I read in a couple Amazon reviews–that Angel Eyes is a Twilight wannabe or the Christian answer to Twilight or some other comparison to Twilight. Here’s one:

I’ve never actually read any of the “Twilight” books, but even I can see the resemblance in the underlying “romance” thread in the book. I can certainly see that this book is geared toward the “Twilight” crowd, just with a Christian slant.

And then this:

I was struck immediately by the similarities to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Unlike some of my readers, I was a huge Twilight fan, reading and rereading them multiple times. Angel Eyes struck me as a Christianized version of the popular series with angels and demons as our stars instead of vampires and werewolves.

Since I haven’t read any of the Twilight books but have heard some specific criticisms, this comparison shocked me. I could see, perhaps, the idea that the Twilight vampires had been switched out for angels and that both stories involved a teen romance, but from what I’ve heard, there were no other similarities that I knew of. Besides, the angels and vampires were not “switched out.”

Add in the fact that the main character in Angel Eyes has a lot more on her mind than an obsessive relationship with a “bad boy.” Further, there is no love triangle. In reality, Angel Eyes is more of a mystery than a romance.

I received a little more insight about reviewers making the Twilight/Angel Eyes comparison from the post of one of the CSFF tour participants, Anna Mittower:

The first chapter and indeed the set-up of the story in the rural town of Stratus reminds me of the first few pages of chapter one in Twilight. And that’s not a good thing. Both have a girl who’s not happy moving to a small, dreary town in the middle of nowhere. And both are complaining about it. Dreading it in fact.

Ah, OK. Similar openings. I suppose for someone who read Twilight, the opening would immediately put you in comparison mode, thinking of the other book and hating this one because it make you think of the other one.

Interestingly, Ms. Dittemore, in a style that reminded me of chick lit, made a number of pop cultural references, including a couple about Twilight. I thought those deflected any comparison–as if the character’s own awareness of the Twilight story made it abundantly clear that this was not that story, retold.

It’s clearly not. But I’ll have more to say about what it is as the tour continues.

For now, check out what the other participants are saying.

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  1. I’m glad my comments were able to clear up the issue a bit. I don’t think, past the opening, the book resembles Twilight at all. But a similar opening does tend to put the comparison mode into action. I can’t vouch for if the introduction of Jake/Edward is the same because I didn’t make it that far in Twilight before being overwhelmed by all the grammatical errors and flat out boring plot line. Angel Eyes, I’m pleased to say, is far superior in quality.


    • Anna, yours might have been the first post I read, and I thought, Oh, no, am I the only one who doesn’t see the connection because I haven’t read Twilight? But I really did appreciate the fact that you explained why you made the comparison. It helped clear up why others were thinking along that line. I’m sure once you get it in your mind that they are alike, it would be hard to think otherwise.

      Glad you though Angel Eyes was of superior quality. I enjoyed the writing. Thought it had some picturesque language while still remaining in the characters’ voices.



  2. Oh, I was so lost without your checkmarks! Thanks for posting. 😀

    I saw some Twilight similarities too (even though I haven’t read Twilight!). To Dittemore’s credit, she actually makes a Twilight reference herself, so there’s some awareness there.


    • Heheh. Sorry I didn’t have it up sooner, Julie.

      Yes, I thought those Twilight references worked. I thought it was sort of a self-conscious awareness and a way of saying, this is NOT that book.



  3. I love this book!! It’s one of my favorites and cannot wait for more releases in this series. I have read the Twilight series….and I think fans of Twilight will enjoy Angel Eyes a lot! I love it!


    • Jojo, I’m with you. I really love this book too. I thought it had lots of action. I loved the character development–Brielle changes in such natural, believable ways, and I like her more and more as the story goes along. Interesting that you think Twilight fans will like it. I was thinking, no obsession, no love triangle, no guys without shirts. So probably a letdown for Twilighters. But maybe not. That would actually be cool!😀



  4. I’ve never read Twilight and have never had any desire to. My vampire literature has been limited to Bunnicula (vampire bunny)! Thanks for your insights.


    • Meagan, the Twilight books weren’t a draw to me either. I have never liked vampire stories, and making them sexy just did nothing to change my mind. Now vampire bunny … interesting … 😆



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