I Have a New Toy—WordPress Meets Polldaddy

I’m not sure how long WordPress has made polling an option, but I just noticed it yesterday. I played with it today, and it actually worked! In case you didn’t know, that’s highly unusual for me. Technology just doesn’t generally work for me first time out. There’s usually something I don’t do right, something I don’t understand, something my software can’t do, something dial-up makes impossible, something not equipped for Macs … you name it.

But I successfully created a poll on my first try. So now I want to play with it. The question is, what question should I ask? Here’s one that will help me to determine the direction my content should take here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. If I understood the poll set up, you will only be allowed to vote once. I don’t know if you can change your vote once you’ve pushed the button, but I suspect not. Let me know what you think.

While I have this subject on mind, I might as well tell you, when I began A Christian Worldview of Fiction, I really intended it to be for readers. I knew there were already a good number of excellent Christian writers’ blogs, primarily discussing the publishing process. Why add one more voice, and that from an unpublished author? I thought.

What I quickly discovered, however, was that my early visitors were mostly other writers. I had joined several writer communities, so naturally those were the first places where I mentioned my blog. As writers came by my site, I gravitated more and more to subject matter for writers. Well, also because I love talking about writing. 😀

Of late, however, I realize that a portion of the visitors here are readers primarily, which is wonderful. But I do wonder, then, if the posts about writing are … low on the interest level. I wonder about reviews, too—they seem to garner the fewest comments, and up to now, comments were my chief guide to what topics visitors find most interesting.

So now I have this cool toy, and I can actually ask you all these very questions. We’ll see how this first one works. 😉

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Computer Problems

So why does Firefox work and Safari doesn’t?

I have to admit, as dependent on the computer and the internet as I am, I don’t understand them at all. Today, for some unknown reason, I can’t get in to my dashboard here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. That is, if I’m using Safari, my default program. But lo and behold, when I tried the same with Firefox, no problem. Mind you, I have not experienced a problem with Safari before. In fact, I have no problem opening any of the other pages I wanted to open, even the WordPress dashboard and help pages. But let me open my dashboard or my post page and, yes, it opens, then shuts down. The whole program. So is it a WordPress problem, a Safari problem, or my computer (an iMac) problem? And how do I find out? I’ve emptied caches, reset Safari, reloaded WordPress. Nothing has worked.

I’m tempted just to change default programs and ignore it, but I suspect there is some cause I should pursue. But, I gotta tell you, this is not how I envisioned spending my time. Not when I’m desperately trying to get back to revising Battle for the Throne. That’s book three of the Lore of Efrathah trilogy.

So there, that’s my computer problems rant for the day.

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