CSFF Blog Tour – Wayfarer’s Journal, Day 2

When choosing books/web sites to feature for a blog tour, it is often a difficult decision. What if we point people to something new that doesn’t meet their expectations, and they trash it? But what if we only feature the tried and true, how then will people discover and support the new and upcoming?

Thankfully, CSFF Blog Tour has an administrative team that discusses just such pros and cons when making the decisions what to highlight each month. But my intent is not to give a window to the behind-the-scenes working of the tour.

Wayfarers Journal bannerInstead, I wanted to lay the ground work for my comments about Wayfarer’s Journal, a new, up and coming science fiction webzine, not yet a year old.

Interestingly, founder and editor Terri Main already gave a rather objective review of the site, pointing out some areas of improvement that I hadn’t thought of.

My impressions on visiting Wayfarers Journal of course are from one outside looking in. I found a site that opens quickly and easily (important especially to those of us still using dial-up), has a clean over-all appearance, is easy to navigate from page to page, includes all the main things I’d want to look for except contact information (there is an address for submissions, but a place to send questions and comments would also be helpful).

I like the mission statement, delivered up front on the home page. Although science fiction is not my genre of choice, I think what Wayfarers Journal is doing is critical. I remember how I felt as a fantasy fan when all seemed bent the other way. Nowhere could I find the kinds of stories I loved (which is one reason I started writing. I was under the delusion that the stories weren’t out there because no one was writing them rather than that no one was publishing them).

I also like some of the goals Terri envisions. You can read more about what she hopes to accomplish in an informative interview with Jim Black.

Other CSFF’ers have reviews of some of the stories, thoughts about the importance of Christian science fiction in formulating our ethical standings about the technologies just around the corner, and a mixture of both. It’s well worth the time to read what others on tour are saying: Brandon Barr Jim Black Justin Boyer Grace Bridges Amy Browning Jackie Castle Carol Bruce Collett Valerie Comer CSFF Blog Tour D. G. D. Davidson Chris Deanne Jeff Draper April Erwin Marcus Goodyear Andrea Graham Jill Hart Katie Hart Michael Heald Jason Joyner Kait Carol Keen Mike Lynch Margaret Rachel Marks Melissa Meeks Mirtika or Mir’s Here John W. Otte John Ottinger Rachelle Steve Rice Cheryl Russel Ashley Rutherford Hanna Sandvig James Somers Steve Trower Speculative Faith Jason Waguespac Laura Williams Timothy Wise

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