Changes in the CSFF On-line Community

My apologies for the week of blog-lite. I’ve been under the weather, but expect to return to the regular schedule and “normal” content next week.

One of the major sources for on-line Christian science fiction and fantasy over the past half-dozen years has been The Sword Review which morphed into Mindflights when it merged with Dragons, Knights, and Angels (commonly referred to as DKA) in 2008. The virtual magazine was backed by a small press, Double-Edged Publishing (DEP), as was Haruah, Fear and Trembling, TeenAge, and Ray Gun Revival.

A recent report indicates that DEP administration will be changing hands as founders Cameron Walker and Bill Snodgrass step aside to pursue other interests. The new administrators reportedly plan to focus on the book side of the small press while cutting ties with the on-line magazines.

Fear and Trembling has announced that the May issue will be their last. Ray Gun Revival will produce two more issues under the DEP umbrella, then reconstitute itself (rising like the Phoenix from ashes) and continue in the fall as a non-paying on-line publication. No word yet about the future of Mindflights, TeenAge, or Haruah, but one thing seems certain—they will not continue as they have been.

I have to admit, with the anticipated increase in readers obtaining fiction digitally rather than through hard copies, I’m surprised at this change. Maybe the change is no different than breaking up Ma Bell—all these satellite entities will continue on in a smaller form with the better and more popular ones rising to full strength in the future. At any rate, you may wish to take a farewell look at the magazines in these closing months of operation under DEP. Because one thing appears certain—change is afoot.

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