Looking For Christmas Gifts?

I’m a big fan of giving books as Christmas gifts, and children’s books are the best. The thing is, they offer hours of pleasure for years to come. And for little kids, they are fun when they get the gift because they can look at the pictures right away, and they are fun every night they ask for the new book as their bedtime story.

I thought I’d mention the picture books by Hannah C. Hall as great gifts for the little ones in your life—kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, neighbors. You name it, I think these books are some of the best.

Of course, Hannah is best known for her God Bless Books. They are seasonal or tied to a familiar activity. So now the book that’s most popular is God Bless Our Christmas. But the newest in the series is God Bless Our Family (pictured above).

Perhaps her best, though, is one not in that series. It’s called Would a Worm Go on a Walk? Here’s the description of that one:

“Would a worm go on a walk, if you could lead him down the street?
Would he wear his tiny tennies, if he had two worm-sized feet?”

So begins this humorous and imaginative picture book that introduces children to the idea that animals are uniquely created by a loving and wise God. Would a Worm Go on a Walk?, with its colorful, comical illustrations, is a fresh, fun way to teach young children that God created all things very good. He gave all the animals, and children, too, wonderful qualities and unique strengths. Children will giggle over the ridiculous scenarios presented, and they will come away with the knowledge that we all are loved and special. Ages 4-7.

I don’t think you can go wrong buying one of Hannah’s books this Christmas. And the cool thing is, the adults will likely get as much enjoyment as the kids.

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Since You’re Already Buying A Present …

No surprise — families buy each other Christmas presents. And often neighbors do too, and friends, and sometimes even co-workers. Since a present is in the works already, why not make it a book! And if you’re buying a book, why not make it a fantasy?

Happily, you have a one-stop source where you can find books you might like to give as Christmas gifts. I’m referring to the Speculative Faith Library (which might better be named, the Spec Faith Book Browser, since we aren’t actually able to lend books out).

The cool thing about the Spec Faith Library is that you can find the newest releases listed first on the Home page, or you can sort the books by the age of the person you would like to gift, or you can search for a book by a specific author by going to the author index or you can click on a tag and find other books tagged with the same term (for example, if you’re looking for fantasies, locate a book such as C. S. Lakin’s The Land of Darkness, and click on the word “fantasy” in the tags box. That link will take you to a page of books in the library with the same tag).

Not yet in the library is the new release by Wayne Thomas Batson that came out just last week: The Errant King, Book 2 of The Dark Sea Annals series (AMG Publishing). I might also mention that Sir Batson has started another one of his crazy fantabulous contests, known as the Seek The Stars Contest. 😉 Here’s the description:

The Seek the Stars Contest is an opportunity for my readers to have EPIC fun, exercising their God-given talents to form communities of readers and spread the word about books they know and love.

To learn more, check out Sir Batson’s informative blog where you can find all the guidelines and prizes.

Bryan Davis also has a fairly new book out, though I have to admit to my confusion about his similarly named series — one released by Zondervan and for young adults, the other put out by AMG and designated for adults. Here are the books as listed on his web site:

    Tales of Starlight
    Masters & Slayers
    Third Starlighter
    Dragons of Starlight

The newest is Third Starlighter, which sounds like one part science fantasy and one part Christian horror:

In this second book of the Tales of Starlight series, Adrian Masters journeys into the wilderness of the dragon planet of Starlight in search of his brother Frederick. Carrying the comatose body of Marcelle, he has to find medical help for her, but the slave master dragons will kill him on sight if he comes out of hiding.

Adrian believes Frederick has set up a wilderness refuge for escaped slaves, so he hopes to join Frederick and devise a plan to rescue the humans enslaved on Starlight. Since Adrian cannot leave Marcelle alone, her nearly lifeless body becomes an anchor, both physically and emotionally, as he has to decide to care for her or attempt to rescue the slaves.

Adrian has no idea that Marcelle’s spirit has left her body and has traveled to their home planet in search of military help to rescue the slaves. She is able to materialize there in a temporary body that looks corpselike and feels icy cold. Because of her appearance, Governor Orion persecutes her as a sorceress and sentences her to burn at the stake.

If I were to give my suggestions of books I haven’t read yet (with links to their Spec Faith library post), I’d have to include
Matt Mikalatos’s Night of the Living Dead Christian
Athol Dickson’s The Opposite of Art
R. J. Anderson’s Ultraviolet
Austin Boyd’s Nobody’s Child
Ross Lawhead’s The Realm’s Thereunder

For books I have read, I suggest you take a look at my most recent reviews.

Happy book buying for those readers on your Christmas list. 😀

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