God And The Why Game

When I was little, we kids used to play the “why” game from time to time. It’s not an actual, formalized game, but really a way to get under somebody else’s skin. Why? Because virtually every answer can then be subject to the question “why?” It doesn’t end until the ask-er wants it to end.

Except . . .

Eventually the answer in our house ended up being, because God made it that way.

So it goes like this:

Why do cats purr? Because they’re happy.

Why? Because they like to be petted and pampered.

Why? Because cats like comfort.

Why? Because God made them that way.

Of course there can be a lot more questions, depending on the one who is answering and how much time he wants to put in.

I realized the other day that for atheists, they’d never get to the “God” answer. I’m not sure what their end game would be. I suppose it would be something about DNA or the arrangement of molecules, though I think a good ask-er could push the question beyond that point.

But here’s the cool thing I discovered when I started thinking about this. . . well, let me show you with another illustration.

Why is snow cold? Because it’s frozen water?

Why? Because the air temperature drops so low that the water in the atmosphere freezes.

Why? Because there’s low pressure sweeping down from the Arctic and the air there is very cold.

Why? Because God made it that way. [This answer-er is in a hurry. 😉 ]

Why? Because He knew our planet would work best with cold poles, not warm ones.

Why? Because He knows everything.

Why? Because He is God.

Or, restated from His point of view: Because I AM.

This post is a reprint of an article that appeared here in February, 2013,

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  1. This game could drive you nuts Becky, however from the mention of a creator it should automatically come back to reality.
    “Why? Because He is God.”
    Why? Because some people have faith in this God as creator.
    Why? Because their brain tells them this.
    Why? Because their God is inside their brain.
    Why? Because of natural human emotions and indoctrination.
    Why? Because this is how humans evolved.
    Why? Because of natural selection over a long time.
    Why? Because it is the process by which organisms change.
    Why? Because it changes in heritable, physical or behavioural traits.
    Why? Because all living things have and still are evolving.


    • Oh, Steve. You got it wrong on the second question. The answer to “why He is God” has nothing to do with people having faith. If every person who ever lived, denied God and rejected Him, He would still be God. The only answer to Why He is God, is that He has always been God, that He is eternal and limitless and sovereign and self-existent. End of all Why questions. THAT’S why He is God. He’s before all, above all, greater than all, and in Him all else derives its being. He is God alone, the I AM.



  2. My mother’s end statement to the why game was, “To make little boys ask questions.” J.

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