Determining My Destiny

There once was a businessman who lived in a small, secluded town. He didn’t socialize much. Hardly at all. But he was a hard worker and a real asset to his boss.

There came a time when his company promoted him.

As a result, he needed to travel across country to a corporate meeting. His secretary booked his reservation, and the company provided a car to take him to the airport.

He’d never seen a plane before, let alone actually flown, but the flight went smoothly, as did the return trip.

As time passed, he had more and more company trips to make. In fact, the more he advanced in the company, the more meetings he had to attend. The good thing was that he became enamored with flying.

Soon he felt confident in the air. In fact he was as comfortable on board a plane as he was in a car.

On one trip a co-worker who was afraid of flying asked him how he could be so calm.

“Why wouldn’t I be calm?” the man asked. “I’m as good at flying as I am at running our company.”

“But . . . but you have nothing to do with flying the plane,” his co-worker answered.

“Nonsense. When I want to go to Dallas, I go to Dallas. When I want to go to Chicago or DC or Atlanta, I simply go to the airport, board, and leave. I choose when I want to go and where. It is I who determine my own destiny.”

“Don’t you think the pilot has something to do with it?”

“What pilot? I’ve never seen a pilot. This is my plane, my trip, my destination. I’m in charge. Which is why I can relax during the flight. I know I’m competent. I’ll get where I want to go, whether to the top of the corporation or to the next business meeting. I can do whatever I put my mind to.”

The next week, when he returned home, he received notice from the company vice president that he’d been let go.

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