It’s All About Him

It’s easy to forget that life isn’t all about me. I would like it if it were. Everyone would cater to my every desire, worry about keeping me happy. They’d make sure they didn’t offend me, be quick to encourage me, tell me how kind or smart or talented or helpful I was.

OK, OK, you all can get up off the floor now and stop laughing.

The old saying is that babies are born into the world thinking they are the center of the universe and spend the next eighty years learning they aren’t.

Pretty true. Kids tend to think every toy they want should belong to them. When they’re hungry, it’s time to eat. When they wake up, it’s time to get up.

When we become adults, of course, we realize we need to take into consideration the “others” in our lives.

But if we stop with that realization, we are still woefully wide of the mark. Life isn’t all about me, and it isn’t even all about other people.

Why I am here–why we all are here–isn’t about us. No matter how great an impact a person has on society, how many people he helps, he will soon be gone, and another generation may not even remember his name.

I suspect when President McKinley, the twenty-fifth President of the US, was assassinated, people throughout the country thought he would never be forgotten, that his death was one of the most tragic events in the history of the US. Of course, that was before two world wars, the rise and fall of Communism, the Great Depression, Vietnam, or 9/11. Today he is little more than a footnote in history books. And he was the leader of the nation!

Men of wealth don’t fare much better. Once the names of Rockefeller and Carnage demanded the kind of respect we give Bill Gates and Steve Jobs today. Or what we once gave Steve Jobs.

The Apostle James is right about Mankind. We are just a “vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.”

How silly, then, for us to believe life is all about us?

It ought to be abundantly clear that our comfort, ease, security, happiness is transitory and cannot be the ultimate purpose of our existence since we ourselves are temporal.

Who wants to draw bucket after bucket of water to pour into the gutter? Why would we spend our time in such a futile effort?

Yet that’s what we so often do when we make life all about us. We spend our precious hours trying to shore up a sandcastle. We might even landscape and furnish it with elaborate, expensive pieces, but in the end, it all washes back out to sea.

How much better if we spend our time on what lasts!

Life, after all, is all about God, not about us. He is the Creator, and we, the creatures made in His image. We exist for His pleasure, not the other way around. We glorify Him, exalt Him, worship Him. He’s the One who is high and lifted up, whose thoughts and ways are higher than ours, whose name is above every name.

How far we have fallen, to think that we should only read the Bible or pray if we feel like it, or that we have a right to complain if in church we sing too many hymns or not enough or if we stand too long or the lighting is too low or too bright.

If life is not about us, worship is certainly not about us either. How different our days would be if we remembered that we exist for God; in fact, life, creation, all He made, exists for Him.

This post is an edited version of one that first appeared here in June 2012.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, Life is all about us, life is all about making the most of yourself while you have your health and while you have the opportunity.

    Life is mostly about creating enjoyment and an overall happiness for all. A majority of people today are stressed too much and struggle to achieve this and many spend many hours in worship worrying about sin and the perceived afterlife.

    You say that we exist for God the creators pleasure as we are creatures made in his image, however, I would like to suggest that it is biologically proven beyond doubt we are animals and that we evolved from less advanced and more primitive animals, therefore we were not originally in todays human form. We have very solid scientific evidence that conclusively proves biological evolution and I cannot understand how you could rationally believe an old passage in a book claiming humans were created from dust and a human rib under 10 thousand years ago.

    As much as I respect different beliefs I cannot help but see the glaring impracticability and impossibility of the myth that you hold with undying faith, and I cannot help but acknowledge the non-existence of facts and compare the advanced scientific reality with it and suggest that many of these beliefs taken from the Bible are bordering on what is termed as ridiculous.

    Many religions such as the Catholic Church and many other Christian and non-Christian religious groups have realised just how ridiculous in this modern age the old interpretations were and now accept the scientific position in some form, with additions to allow for theological considerations calling it “theistic evolutionism” or “evolutionary creation” and have upgraded their ideologies. Even many Islamic scholars are divided on the theory of evolution, and it goes without saying that if this religion is due for a massive upgrade so does yours.


  2. Rebecca,
    Thank you for your encouraging word! We are not our own but we have been bought with a price! It is evident from your blog that your faith and hope are in God. The first chapter in I Peter came to mind as I read your post. Nothing competes with the Word which is alive and will certainly come to pass. “All flesh is like grass and all it’s glory like the flower of grass. The grass withers and the flower falls off, but the Word of the Lord abides forever.”
    I hope that you will continue pointing others in the direction of Jesus in your obedience Him.
    Thank you again!


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