There IS a God

his_temptation007It seems to me that denying God’s existence is the main strategy Satan is employing in Western civilization.

Ironic that Satan’s rebellion centered around wanting to be like God—Humankind’s too—but since that didn’t happen, and never will, never could, his ploy shifted to bringing God down.

It dawned on me a number of years ago when I read the three specific temptations Satan gave Jesus, recorded in Matthew and in Luke, that he was really bringing into question Jesus’s divinity. In other words, he was trying to reduce Jesus to the status of a mere man. And of course that failed.

So it seems his ploy for the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first has been to kill God off, or make Him irrelevant, or non-existent. I mean, no need to do away with what never existed. Enter evolution and modern philosophy with its reliance on empiricism, followed by postmodernism with its relativistic view of truth. God might be “true for you,” but that certainly doesn’t mean he actually exists.

The sad thing is, as Western society has realized the vacuous nature of these beliefs, there has not been a return to what was known before, but a forging ahead into what is new. Or rather, what has the appearance of “new.” Specifically, these are non-god entities that promise to satisfy the spiritual hunger we humans have begun to acknowledge.

“Non-god entities?”

One such would be the idea that each person has the resources we need for wellness. We just need to learn how to tap into the secrets that will release our amazing potential. With all the verbiage, it’s not easy to recognize, but this is all another way of saying, “You, too, can be like God.”

“Non-god entities.” This would also include “spirit guides,” more commonly known as demons; elements of the earth or of the universe or Mother Nature herself; ancestors; prophets; saints and popes; healer-preachers. In other words, anyone or anything we elevate to the position God alone rightfully possesses.

God is a jealous God, not an attribute we find attractive in humans, and consequently one we don’t often talk about in connection with God. But Satan has been all about stripping God of His Personhood, about denigrating Him, discrediting Him, dredging up doubts about Him. Who can defend God in the face of such assaults?

Well, God can. God should. He’s like a loving husband who cares for his wife’s well-being. On top of this, God knows. He knows what Satan is all about. He knows how easily fooled we are. He knows what His own nature and power and character are.

The truth is, one day we will all stand before Him, in His splendor, and every knee will bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Satan’s best efforts, for all time, will crumble to nothing. All doubts removed. Questions answered. There IS a God.

This post is a revised and edited version of one that first appeared here in November 2007.

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  2. Hey I just got this article as an email and your amazing writing just drew me in! You are so right and I agree with you so wholeheartedly! This whole world is wholly distracted because Satan has confused everyone. I mean just think about it. Terrorism. The confederate flag fiasco. Acceptance of sin. There is just so much and we could go on and on, but you nailed it right on the head! It’s important to not be discouraged by all this though, and know that god has won the battle and will give us strength, and when we will feel beaten we must pray! One thing that really moved me was a phrase within my daily devotional, “Jesus Calling”, in which Sarah Young writes the words which she hears God speak to her on her missionary journey day by day. She said that to God there is no shame if when we feel beaten and overcome by the world, to just reach out and say “Help me Jesus!” I have to be honest with you dear, I’ve felt so beaten and tattered by the things this world is accepting and doing, and I truly didn’t know where to turn for strength and guidance except God and my church. It never occurred to me that it was okay to ask for help. I just get so caught up in trying to tackle all of this alone, you know? But later that day after closing the book, I came into a fearful situation, and I cried out, “Help me Jesus!” and it was like a weight was instantly lifted from my shoulders! So, I guess the main idea, after all this, is that no matter what the world does, we know who has won the spiritual battle for our souls: none other than Jesus Christ our Lord! I really really loved this writing. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s great to hear how God used this article. Yes, indeed, God wants us to call to Him for help. Something I’ve been working on lately is Psalm 115 in which the Psalmist says, “Trust in the LORD, O Israel./ He is their help and their shield. / Trust in the LORD, O house of Aaron, / He is their help and their shield. / Trust in the LORD, you who fear the LORD. / He is their help and their shield.” So I fall into that latter category, and I have the same exhortation to trust in the Lord, and the same assurance that He is my help and my shield as He was to the people of Israel and even to the priests. It really is a comfort, knowing Whose is the victory, and that He is our help when we call.


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      • Hey no problem! It’s so nice to meet someone else who loves the Lord as He truly deserves!


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