Who’s In Charge?

Sometimes the world seems askew. Terrorists, economic disaster, drought here and flooding there, political unrest, relational upheaval. Who’s in charge?

That’s the real question, isn’t it. Atheists say, if there really were a God, things should be different. Or, because people believe there’s a God, they storm embassies and make videos that mock other people’s god-beliefs.

Those same atheists will tell you, undoubtedly, that if anyone’s in charge, it’s Man. Ironically, I heard a tele-preacher say the same things years ago. God isn’t sovereign this supposed Christian said. He deeded the world over to Man.

I did a four part series related to this subject, entitled “Who’s World Is It?” (See part 1, 2, 3, and 4). Why then would I want to re-visit the topic?

I have this sense that a lot of people in America, including Christians, think things are spiraling out of control. We need to remember, constantly, that God is still God.

Yes, in essence He gave Mankind our head–even letting us take the bit in our teeth and run our own way—but He’s still holding the reins. He’s still able to pull us in, He still knows when we’ll run out of steam, and He knows how to take us home.

We may think we’re in charge because we’re going where we want, but if God hadn’t determined that this was the best way to initiate His judgment, we would not proudly be running after the lusts of our hearts.

The amazing thing to me is the way in which God works all things according to His plans all the while caring for each sparrow and numbering each hair on each person’s head.

Nothing happening in the world today is catching God off guard. His great love means He rescues His children from the dominion of darkness, He Has nailed our certificate of debt to the cross, and He has called us for the very purpose that we might inherit a blessing.

What’s more, we have a special relationship with Him. Adam and Eve walked in intimacy with God. The people of Israel enjoyed His presence leading them as they traveled the wilderness. The disciples in the first century enjoyed God Incarnate, living with them. But His Church? We have His Spirit residing in us.

It’s an advantage, Christ said. A huge advantage. Yet too many of us today ignore or quench the Spirit or we try to turn Him into a sideshow.

Instead, His presence alone should remind us that God is, in fact, still in charge. Let Satan think he’s winning. He’s not. Let Man rebel. He’s not going to overthrow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He Whose ways and thoughts are higher than ours is still on the throne.

This post originally appeared here in September 2012.

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  1. Amen!

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  2. I agree it’s one of those funny periods in history where everything seems a little too weird, upsetting and destructive. But I don’t think any sentient being is ‘in charge’, not even human beings. I don’t think we even really understand the cycles that human societies move in, or the potential effects of the rest of the planet or even the universe in terms of our behaviour. Who knows?

    I do know that the god character described in the Christian Bible doesn’t exist, and putting our hopes in invisible creatures that are clearly invented by superstitious humans in times of great ignorance is not the most sensible course of action.


    • Wow, Violet, I find it quite amazing that you don’t know the how or why of our world, and yet you are sure that in all the universe, known and unknown from our limited exploration, there is no God. How do you come by such a remarkable and decisive conclusion? If you say it is because you haven’t seen Him, we’re right back to the point of making humankind the measure of all things.



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