Sin And Hope

Advent_candle_1Another mass shooting. This one also here in Southern California. More people died senselessly. More hospitalized. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

The thing is, sin is pervasive. Sin infects our world, our culture, our society, and yes, our lives.

And the facts are in: no one is perfect. No one! We can cluck our tongues and feel great sympathy for the poor people who are now grieving, who have been traumatized, who will no longer feel safe even when they go to work. But the truth is, the problem isn’t out there. It isn’t because of terrorists or guns or anger or mental illness.

It’s because of sin. We are a sinful people and no amount of education or tolerance or empathy can heal our broken souls. There’s only one hope we have and His name is Jesus.

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  1. Amen, Becky. We live in a broken world full of broken people and that is why we need a Savior so badly.

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    • So true! He heals the broken-hearted and sets the captives free. How great He is.

      Ironic. Yesterday was one of the most glorious Southern California days. The sun was shining but the air temp was a high of 72. The sky was blue, no hint of smog. This, this is what God created. Then on the TV was the endless reporting of the mass murders of the SB County Health Department workers. A tragedy magnified by the fear it engendered. This. This is what humankind has created. It was such a stark contrast, so epitomizing the way the world is.


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  2. My children and grandchildren were in very close proximity to the San Bernardino shooting and Redlands gunfight. Too close. You are absolutely right that Jesus is our only hope and salvation. We don’t want this horror at Christmas. But that’s exactly why Christmas happened, to deal once and for all with the sin problem nothing else could touch. Thank God for Christmas (which led to Easter) and I thank God for keeping all my children safe.


    • It is why Christmas happened, Jacqueline.

      I have a good friend who lives a mile or two from the Redlands site. Earlier in the day another friend had relatives in the building where the shooting occurred. It’s all too easy to let fear reign because of an event like this, but the bottom line is, our time is in God’s hands. He can be trusted.

      And still, I checked to see that my friend and her family were OK. 😉

      The point is, having trust in God doesn’t mean we no longer feel. We grieve when we lose a loved one, but not without hope. We worry, which is why we have to cast our anxieties on Him. We fear, which is why verse after verse tells us not to be afraid.

      We have a great God, but we have to remember we have a great God.

      Which is why I decided to post last night. I didn’t really want to. What else is there to say about yet another tragic shooting in which multiple people lost their lives? But I needed to remember Who God is. 😉



  3. Blessed Assurance!
    Jesus is Mine!
    Oh what a foretaste
    Of glory divine.
    Heir of salvation
    Purchase of God
    Born of His Spirit
    Washed in His Blood.

    This is my story!
    This is my song!
    Praising my savior,
    All the day long.

    This is my story!
    This is my song!
    Praising my savior
    All the day long.

    I didn’t cheat and look up the words. Did it by memory.


    • Such a wonderful hymn, Parker. So glad you posted the lyrics. Thank you!

      I hope there will be people in the next generation who will also know these words by heart. They are filled with the hope we need to remember.



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