Football Friday

BroncosIt’s the NFL draft, what can I say? 😉

I love sports. Usually this is my favorite time of the year—basketball playoffs, hockey playoffs, and baseball just getting started. But mostly basketball playoffs.

Because the Lakers are AWOL this year, leaving the troubled Clippers to represent LA, I’d just as soon see the Spurs of San Antonio win. But to be honest, I’ll be content if any team other than Miami wins. I don’t know what the media love affair with LeBron James is, but I’m not a fan.

Hockey is exciting during the playoffs, and with two SoCal teams in the hunt, it’s more interesting than usual.

This is the second best time to pay attention to baseball because it is now that teams sort themselves out as top tier or lower tier. Only the top tier will be around during the best time to pay attention to baseball—the final drive to the playoffs and the playoffs themselves.

The only thing to detract from those exciting times is the beginning of football! Of course some people think football started this week with the draft or some weeks ago with the flurry of free agent deals.

I don’t usually pay much attention to this phase of the game because the big execs and the players in combination with their agents make all the decisions. I don’t get to tell my team, the Denver Broncos, to sign my favorite receiver, Eric Dekker, or to keep Champ Bailey out of respect to a future hall of famer.

No, this is the part of the game where money talks, but also where the decision makers have done the studying to know what the team needs and who’s available in the draft and in free agency and who they can afford. It’s all beyond me.

So mostly I recognize names of college guys who played in SoCal and the big profile guys the media talks about all the time.

It does get a little exciting, though. For example, the Broncos must have just completed some deal because they now have higher second round draft pick, which they’re about to announce. I can only imagine that they think the player they want might not be around for six more picks. So I can hardly wait to see who that player is.

Of course earlier AFC West rivals San Diego traded up also (they already picked ahead of Denver) in order to take a defensive player they wanted.

The Broncos first pick was a cornerback—a position where they needed help. Last year they had critical injuries late in the season, losing their best cover corner, Chris Harris to a torn ACL. I can’t imagine he’ll be ready to come back by training camp, but no one is talking as if he’s not the Broncos starter.

So now they have their second pick, a wide receiver this time—hopefully good enough to replace my favorite guy who will be off catching passes in New York this year.

But there you have it—my rambling thoughts about the second round of the NFL draft, up to the point that the Broncos picked. Is there a spiritual analogy to all this? A life lesson? No, not really. Just a football fan, spouting off.

Your turn. Anyone care to weigh in on how your team is doing in the draft? Or what sport you prefer or what activity you prefer to sports? Feel free to have your say. 😀

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