It’s Not About Us

beach umbrella-1-1288990-mFalse teaching seems to be increasing. More people are buying into old lies and new lies are popping up at an alarming rate. There is an ever growing number of people who want to camp under the umbrella of Christianity but who don’t hold to some of the most basic tenets of the faith–such as, God exists.

I don’t mean to be snarky here, but I don’t see the rationale behind the idea that a person is an “agnostic Christian.” The Christian faith is centered on Jesus Christ and His work to reconcile us to God, so how can a person be a Christian if he’s uncertain about God’s existence?

But those who identify as agnostic Christians have lots of company when it comes to people who claim the name of Christ while ignoring what He said. My point here isn’t to start a list of false teachings. Rather, I want to focus on what those false teachings seem to have in common.

In a word, I think all false teaching is self centered. It’s more important to those believing a false teaching that they are comfortable or tolerant or intellectually satisfied or rich or right or inclusive or whatever else different people set ahead of God.

Some will even say, in essence, If God is like the Old Testament describes Him, then I don’t want anything to do with Him. God, in other words, has to conform to their wishes. He must be made in their likeness, as opposed to they made in His.

The truth is, Christianity is not about what we wish God were or what we’d like Him to do. We don’t get to tell Him how He should deal with suffering or sin. We don’t get to exclude Him from creation or salvation. Any attempts to change Him and what He’s said or done are actually forms of rejecting Him.

That’s not to say we can’t question. Those who embrace a false teaching often say people who cling to the God of the Bible are unwilling to search for answers. But that’s simply not true.

Job asked more questions than a good many people ever will, and God didn’t scold him for asking. He confronted him about his accusations against God, and Job agreed that he was wrong. God “in person” showed Job what sovereignty and omnipotence and wisdom really meant, and Job repented in dust and ashes.

Gideon questioned God, over and over. He wanted to be sure he’d understood that he was to be a part of the great victory God had planned. He wanted to be sure he got it right that he was supposed to decrease the size of his army. He wanted to be sure he was supposed to go forward in the face of his fear.

David asked questions, too. Why do the wicked prosper; how long, O LORD; why have You forsaken me; what is Man; why do You hide Yourself, and many others.

Abraham was another one who entertained doubts. He, and Sarah, weren’t sure they’d got it right. God was going to make a great nation from his descendants? God must have meant heir, or, if descendant, then birthed by a surrogate, not Abraham’s barren wife.

No, and no. God corrected him and repeated His promise.

Mary questioned. Me? A virgin? How could that possibly happen?

Moses doubted which lead to such despair he asked at one point for God to simply kill him then and there because he couldn’t continue leading an angry and rebellious people.

I could go on, but the point is this: asking questions is not wrong–it’s thinking that our answers are better than God’s that is wrong.

And that’s what all false teaching has in common. Man has secret knowledge of God, or can earn his own way into God’s good graces, or can come to God however he pleases, or can worship the god of his own choosing, or can manipulate God to do his bidding–all of those and a host of other false ideas put self ahead of God, as if it’s all about us.

But it’s not.


  1. Thank you for your sound words of wisdom. The greatest deceit comes from those who question the Bible and don’t believe that it is in its totality the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. God bless you.


    • Eliza, thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate your comment and agree that God’s Word is the anchor we need to hold on to or we will be tossed about by the winds of any and every false idea that the world comes up with. Satan is a liar and the father of lies, so of course he wants to challenge us the same way he did Eve: What did God say? Surely, no, that can’t be true!



  2. Every false religion is anti-Christ, making Christ less than he has revealed himself. This is Satan’s objective. He’s not God, not sufficient, not the only way. The prevailing post-modern thought that everyone can make their own spiritual reality shows how much Satan is succeeding in his goal. He’s massaging our self centeredness, just like Becky noted.


    • Excellent observations, Bob. I was thinking the other day about the progression away from God we can see in history. From Adam and Eve, people drifted until they were doing heinous things. God brought the flood and saved Noah and his family. But from them, people followed their own desires, and God chose Abram, then Moses, then King David. But His people drifted, until Jesus came. Again God’s people drifted, and He sent reformers and evangelists, but we continue to go our own way. It’s remarkable that God continues to extend His mercy and grace.

      I’m praying for a revival similar to the one Judah enjoyed under King Josiah. Those people turned to God for that generation. And why can’t we have a similar turning of our hearts to Him? I think we need to ask Him to accomplish this.



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