Christians Also Know . . .

The_Holy_BibleBesides knowing that God is, that Jesus shows us God, that we are saved by grace, Christians also know God’s Word is trustworthy. It makes sense. If God is trustworthy, and He says His Word is trustworthy, then it’s logical that we bank that.

Some people struggle with accepting God’s Word, much the way the apostle Thomas had a hard time grasping that Jesus was actually and truly raised from the dead. Show me, he said. Only if he could see Jesus for himself and touch his scars would he believe the impossible had happened. He wasn’t taking anyone else’s word for it.

Jesus commended all who would come after Thomas and believe without seeing. He put a premium on faith–trusting that God meant what He said, that He wouldn’t lie, wouldn’t trick us.

It seems to be the test of relationship from the beginning. In the garden where Satan confronted Eve, his question to her was, Has God said . . . When she told him that yes, God said they weren’t to eat of one particular tree or they’d die, Satan countered with, You won’t die! In other words, you don’t have to listen to God. He isn’t telling you the truth.

Ever since then people have had to decide if they would listen to God and believe Him, or not. Abraham listened and acted accordingly, which is why, from what James says, he was considered righteous, even called the friend of God.

Noah, Moses, Gideon, Samuel, Jeremiah, Mary, Joseph, Paul . . . people throughout history have had to decide if they would listen to God, or not.

Some, of course, question whether the Bible is God’s Word. To determine whether it is or not, a person must decide if he or she finds God trustworthy or not. If so, then His Word should be as well.

The Bible can be tested in any number of ways—for internal consistency, agreement with history and archaeology, fulfillment of prophecy, and others. Fundamental is the fact that the Bible itself declares all scripture to be God-breathed. In other words, God is the author regardless of the human who composed the sentences and ideas or who wrote the words down.

Christians know this, not because we understand it or can say we’ve seen it done before or since. We know it because omniscient God passed the information on. Knowledge like this is not something arrived at independently. It comes from “revelation.” God Himself had to tell us. But since He did, it’s as true and sure a fact as if it could be proved in the ways Thomas wanted to prove Christ’s resurrection.

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