God And The Why Game

sleeping catWhen I was little, we kids used to play the “why” game from time to time. It’s not an actual, formalized game, but really a way to get under somebody else’s skin. Why? Because virtually every answer can then be subject to the question “why?” It doesn’t end until the ask-er wants it to end.

Except . . .

Eventually the answer in our house ended up being, because God made it that way, or something similar.

So it goes like this:

Why do cats purr? Because they’re happy.

Why? Because they like to be petted and pampered.

Why? Because cats like comfort.

Why? Because God made them that way.

Of course there can be a lot more questions, depending on the one who is answering and how much time he wants to put in.

I realized the other day that for atheists, they’d never get to the “God” answer. I’m not sure what their end game would be. I suppose it would be something about DNA or the arrangement of molecules, though I think a good ask-er could push the question beyond that point.

But here’s the cool thing I discovered when I started thinking about this. . . well, let me show you with another illustration.

Why is snow cold? Because it’s frozen water?

Why? Because the air temperature drops so low that the water in the atmosphere freezes.

Why? Because there’s low pressure sweeping down from the Arctic and the air there is very cold.

Why? Because God made it that way. [This answerer is in a hurry. 😉 ]

Why? Because He knew our planet would work best with cold poles, not warm ones.

Why? Because He knows everything.

Why? Because He is God.

Or, restated from His point of view, because I AM.

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  1. That’s an excellent, concise explanation! The fact that there is a why shows that there is meaning and intention in the way that things are. And you are right, we truly are always asking why, from the time that we are born.

    I think it’s been said many times that science can offer a partial explanation of how, but it can never explain why anything is as it is. That may be a cliche, but I think it is a truthful and useful one.

    Ultimately, the why game comes down to “…because that’s just the way it is,” and Christians claim just that. He is.


  2. Thanks for your input on this, Bainespal. Yes, when pushed to the nth degree, why always leads to a first cause–which boils down to either a Person who designed with intention or matter/energy that came together accidentally with accidental consequences. Which takes the most faith to believe?



  3. Haha, yes, I was just going to say I hear a lot of this: “Why?” “That’s what The Universe wants to do”, or, “Why?” “That’s the way Mother Nature works”. I used to think that way, but now I KNOW I’m no accident. I was made with intention, and purpose, by my Creator, out of love! Knowing that about myself, I know it about you too! It’s a corollary. If you live your whole life and miss that, you’ve missed most everything.


    • Well said, Len! Thanks for adding to the discussion. We really do have a different view of the world from others and it changes everything.



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