The Tardy Reveal

I know, it can hardly be called a reveal when everyone else has already seen and read, but I still want to be a part of the excitement for Anne Elisabeth Stengl‘s next book in the Tales of Goldstone Woods series.

Chalk it up to brain freeze after an illness last week. I was excited because this reveal was going to be on Friday–the perfect post for my sometimes Fantasy Friday articles. Alas! Others gleefully unveiled the cover of this book, scheduled to release next summer, properly and on time. Me, I’m playing catch up.

But here it is, and all I can say is WOW! Even for someone like me who pays little attention to covers, this one grabs my attention and won’t let go. First, the title Dragonwitch is provocative, I think, but then there’s the color and flair and drama. All this is the perfect build up to the book description on the back:

An Ancient Evil

Long ago, Etanun buried his sword in the depths of the Netherworld then vanished from all known history. One day, it is said, his heir will find the sword, and the Dragonwitch, firstborn of the Dragon King, will be finally slain.

A Desperate Hope

These stories are no more than nursery rhymes. In a world of cold reality, what room is left for fairy tales? Lady Leta of Aiven is pledged to marry a man she does not love . . . sleepless Lord Alistair struggles to unite the stubborn earls of the North Country . . . Mouse is lost, far from home, slaving as a kitchen drudge . . . and the reclusive Chronicler, keeping the records of Gaheris Castle, bears a secret so dangerous it could cost him his life and plunge the North Country into civil war.

An Impossible Journey

But when nursery rhymes begin to come horribly true, will these unlikely heroes find the strength they need to fulfill a prophecy of fire? For the Dragonwitch lives. And she has vowed vengeance on all who have wronged her

I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked! I want to read it NOW.

Fortunately there are other books in the series. In fact the CSFF Blog Tour will be featuring Starflower in December. So while we wait for Dragonwitch, there are other good stories to enjoy.

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