Debating The Debate

I’ll never forget when the Republicans swept into the majority in both houses of Congress during President Bill Clinton’s tenure in office. The thing that has stayed with me all this time is the smugness with which those leaders approached their new role. What a mistake. A year after their victory the impasse between Congress and President Clinton resulted in a shutdown of the federal government. That Congress lost face, whether rightly or wrongly. I can’t help but wonder if the whole thing could have been avoided with a healthy dose of humility.

Last night’s Presidential debate brings that bit of history to mind. Without exception the major news outlets gave the debate to Republican challenger Mitt Romney. He was forceful, clear, unwilling to let stand mischaracterizations of his position. Of course one debate does not mean President Obama has lost the election, but the media has characterized it as “a game changer.”

Now, I submit, is the time for humility, not smugness. How Mr. Romney responds to this victory will say a lot, as far as I’m concerned, about whether he really does plan to be a leader that works to heal the divide in our country. I’ll be eagerly watching.

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