CSFF Tour Wrap – The Telling

Some tours generate controversy, others wide acclaim. I wouldn’t say The Telling by Mike Duran achieved the latter, but it hardly stirred up controversy either. I suspect that CSFF members who would have questioned the Biblical accuracy of some of the speculative elements simply chose to sit this one out. Hence, the numbers are somewhat down for this tour, but the praise is quite widespread. Not unanimous, certainly, but by far more participants praised the book than found fault with it.

In the end twenty-five bloggers posted thirty-nine articles over three days, with three yet to post (scheduling issues).

So here are the *participants eligible for the September CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award:

I invite you to review the posts of our eligible participants, then vote for the one you think is most deserving of the award. You’ll have just one week. The poll closes midnight (Pacific time), October 8.

*Lest anyone should think I inadvertently left off Steve Trower, I’ll mention that I decided not to include him since his Monday post was primarily a review of the Ross Lawhead book we toured while Steve was becoming a new father. I appreciate his due diligence a great deal and encourage any who haven’t stopped by his site to do so. You might especially like his regular Tuesday tour feature–Tuesday Tunes.

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