Good Turned On Its Head

Normally I’d write the CSFF Blog Tour wrap today, but I’m distracted. I’ve read too much about abortion and media bias and taking offense at any provocation. Our politics is starting to mirror our street gangs: I think he looked at me funny, so I’m calling him out! Of course, if the guy looking at you funny is on your side, then it’s nothing to get worked up about and you can be offended at those who are offended for how he looked.

That’s the way I read the hullabaloo over Senator Todd Akin, who apologized for his insensitive remarks, without justifying them or excusing them, but stating categorically that he said things that don’t reflect what he knows to be true: rape is rape and women can get pregnant from a rape.

No one’s accepting his apology, though. The liberals are gleeful, thinking they’ve exposed the conservative “hateful” attitude toward women. The conservatives are running for fear that any sign of support for Senator Akin will paint them as insensitive too.

Meanwhile Vice President Biden says “insensitive” comments to the NAACP about conservative policies putting them back in chains. Democrates are ducking and covering, but rather than an apology, Vice President Biden claims he had no intention of referencing slavery. Nevertheless he was called out for his “blatant appeal to racism.”

It’s disturbing to me that a Presidential election can be affected by such things–that so much attention goes to tax statements and birth certificates and college transcripts. Meanwhile, unborn children die, some for no reason other than their parents prefer a different gender. Except, how do they know by a picture of their fetus what gender their child is like inside. The gay and lesbian community would have us believe that the physical differences between men and women are immaterial. So how do those parents who abort a little girl know they are actually aborting a girl and not a guy in a female body?

I mean really. We have turned our world upside down by going against God’s law, and we can’t even make logical decisions any more.

The idea that a baby outside the womb who is, say 30 weeks old, is viable and one 22 weeks old is not, is silly. Let’s leave the 30 week old alone or the 36 week old or the 52 week old, and see how long they live. None of those is “viable” unless an adult does for him what he cannot do for himself–such as, feed him and keep him away from big dogs or high porches or electric outlets. In fact, adults will be found negligent if they don’t provide a safe environment for an infant–because he can not provide it for himself, viable though the law claims he is.

What a concept. Kill the babies who couldn’t possibly “make it on their own.” And we determine this, how?

This is the kind of thing that happens when Man starts fiddling with God’s authority. We decide because, well, we decide. Never mind if it makes sense or is morally right. We deceive ourselves, cloaking our actions in compassion. Legal abortion saves lives because so many women died having back alley abortions. Well, how many lives would be saved if we taught young people that they don’t have to sleep around like dogs in heat? We don’t have to kill babies, and women don’t have to die in the attempt if we would live under God’s authority. But no, we’re smarter. We’ve figured out a way we can have our cake and … well, those babies aren’t viable enough for cake, so they don’t count.

Ugh. It all makes me sick.

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