Who Wants To Be A Slave

Human trafficking is a blight on society, and no period in American history is more reprehensible than the years of legalized slavery before the Civil War. But the Bible records a thing called bond-slavery, which turns out to be a sort of voluntary slavery for life.

There were various reasons a person in the Old Testament times might choose to be a bond-slave, but the significant thing is, this is the term the New Testament writers frequently use in connection with the Christian.

Peter, for example, says, “Act as free men, but do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bond-slaves of God. (1 Peter 2:16)

Christ, of course, said we are no longer servants but sons, heirs of the kingdom. And yet, apparently we are to use our freedom–our release from the bondage of the Law–for God in a way that serves Him as opposed to serving ourselves.

One of the things that sets Christians apart from those involved in other religions is this unique relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ. He adopts us as sons and we are to act like bond-slaves. He gives us an inheritance and we show Him love with our obedience.

Who signs up for this? Don’t sons get to revel in their kingly father’s wealth and power and prestige?

The thing is, being a bond-slave to someone who has your best interest at heart is not burdensome.

Still, it rubs the independent-minded, free-spirited American the wrong way to say, become a Christian so you can be God’s slave for life.

Maybe the metaphor of the cross is easier. You know, take up your cross and follow me. Except, the cross was an instrument of death. Other scripture confirms this point. Christians are to die to self, to the world, to sin.

Bond-slave or death. Neither one sounds like something you’d put on the slick media release when you’re trying to get thousands and thousands to sign up for your cause.

But that’s the thing. Christianity isn’t a cause. It’s adoption, with God as the Father who called, chose, brought us into His family. Our response? I’ll be His bond-slave.

Yes, I have all the privileges of a child, but not a spoiled one. One that is growing and maturing in order to be a true reflection of my Father. The only way that can happen here, what with my sin nature, is if I live as a bond-slave.

It’s one of those amazing things that God alone can do–Christians are not burdened by laws; we are freed and forgiven. Yet, now that we don’t have to do anything to be reconciled to God, we want to serve Him in joyful, thankful response.

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