May Gray

One of the special SoCal phenomena we enjoy is what we’ve fondly termed “May Gray,” not so different from June Gloom. Off and on during these two months we wake up to gray skies created by a marine layer of clouds. Depending on how thick these are and how far inland they extend, we may stay gray all day. (I love rhyme 😉 ). So for the past two days — May 1 and May 2 — I haven’t seen the sun.

I’m personally in my wheelhouse because I consider this writing weather, surpassed only by days when it actually rains. Tourists, however, find SoCal to be a huge disappointment. Who wants to go to the beach on days like this, they say. Where’s all that blue sky we saw during the Rose Parade back in January?

Well, the blue sky still exists. It’s just that the clouds block it out. Get in a plane and fly out of the LA Basin, and you’ll see the blue above the layer of puffy gray. But even those who haven’t flown in a plane above the clouds believe the blue sky is still there. It was there before, so the fact that we can’t actually see it right now doesn’t dissuade us from believing we’ll see it again. If not tomorrow or the next day, then surely by July or August when the gray and gloom dissolve into the dog days of summer.

We’re operating, you see, on prior experience. We enjoyed the blue sky before, so we know it exists. That I’m not able to see it today in no way shakes my belief that the sky is indeed blue. The sky has not changed. What’s changed is the presence of clouds that block my view.

How like God the blue sky is. He showed Himself unveiled in creation and again in the Incarnation, so we can know He is present. From time to time He breaks through the clouds of sin that surround us and shines His love and majesty and grace and kindness and forgiveness into our lives. But even if He does so with such infrequency we wonder if we really saw what we think we saw, His revelation and the witness of Scripture affirms His presence.

He is, in fact, I AM, the self-existent One. He is — whether we are or not, whether we believe He is or not, whether we see Him or not. Simply put, He is in no way dependent upon us. He is complete in Himself, content, self-contained, in need of nothing. We can not add to Him or take away any of His value. His love is not diminished no matter how much He gives it away. Neither is His mercy or goodness or righteousness or any other quality that is His.

He is as the expanse of blue stretching as far as the east is from the west, unaltered by the fog that lies at His feet, that buries all of Mankind in the gloom it creates.

For some reason, Perfection, Completeness, Wholeness, Immortality, reaches down to marred, sketchy, broken, mortals. He says it’s because of love He wishes to give freely. We have nothing that He needs, remember. And yet He wants us. We can’t enhance His life, but He takes pleasure in our obedience.

That He chooses us to be holy and beloved, that He calls us out of darkness into His marvelous light is simply jaw-dropping. How can we understand His willingness to do away with our May Gray, our June Gloom forever? We can’t. All we can do is accept it, and maybe cling to His feet, and offer Him our lives out of the joy and gratefulness we experience now that we’re out from under the clouds.

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