The Majesty Of Music

There are a few things that transport me to another level of worship. One is nature. Not just any nature, either. The ocean, with waves crashing against cliffs is pretty good, but better is the high country — beyond timberline. I’ve only been there a few times, but it’s like a different world.

Coming out of the darkness created by evergreens growing in tight clusters, you discover fields of wildflowers, glacier patches, blue-green lakes, and a sky that’s such a rich blue it looks like you could eat it. Oh, and rocky peaks that look more like cathedrals. And crystal cold streams. All I can think is, This is the world God created.

Music has that same effect on me. Not all music. Just like nature, there are pieces and then there are pieces. Some I enjoy because they are fun or they fit my mood or they are performed well. Others feel as if a piece of my soul is drifting on the sound waves. And still others feel as if my soul is reaching up to God.

Recently my church hosted a nearby university choir and orchestra in concert. They were spectacular, and I had one of those majesty of music moments. What’s more, I bought one of their CD’s, Glory, and have been playing it ever since. The songs run through my head when I wake up, and I can hardly wait to put on the CD again.

In fact, I posted one of the songs a few days ago with Sandi Patty’s performance of it. If you haven’t listened to that one, I encourage you to do so. The song is spectacular and Sandi Patty is … well, Sandi Patty.

But here’s the choir I listened to — an older version of it, but fittingly, they are singing Majesty. I hope you enjoy.

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