CSFF Blog Tour Wrap – Night Of The Living Dead Christian

Thirty of us were talking, and we ended up with sixty-seven posts — all about Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos. So much conversation is a sure sign that the book stirred something in those who read it. Was it controversy? I mean, an allegory comparing Christians and monsters could get a little dicey. Was it praise for the author? After all, his work has received some heavy-hitter endorsements.

No and no — well, OK, somewhat, in that last one, but that wasn’t the most popular subject. The main topic of discussion that came up most frequently was how the book — the message of it — affected the reader.

Here are a few samples:

  • Bruce Hennigan: All in all, “Night of the Living Dead Christian” is a powerful allegory of what most Christians are like today, including me. It is well worth the reading, well worth the laughter, and ultimately, well worth the tears of joy.
  • Steve Trower: there were plenty more like it, snippets of dialogue that contained real thought-provoking truth. As a writer, moments like these serve to remind me of the power that stories can have – even silly stories about vampires and zombies. As a flawed and arguably monstrous human being, this particular moment was really a little closer to home than it had any right to be!
    • Theresa Dunlap: Yes, you will find zombies, werewolves and vampires and even a mad scientist and a robot – um – android, but there is such a powerful message hidden in the story that one is likely to not forget it easily. To put it as simply as possible, this book is a story about transformation – a true transformation.
  • Thomas Fletcher Booher: something Mikalatos did very well was point out that faith must involve works, and he pulls from the book of James to support this. True faith is a working faith, and a faith without works is not a true saving faith.
    • Tori Greene: If I really believe that Jesus is God become man to save us from sin, if I really believe in the things that he taught, then the way I live my life should reflect this. Jesus calls us to live in a radical way – to put Him first, to love our neighbor, to reject the false promises of the world. My life should be transformed as I seek to pick up my own cross and follow Him

    Not that the participants were unanimous in their opinions, by any means, but that so many focused on what the story meant is unusual for a book also recommended because of its humor.

    One last part of the tour remains — choosing which blogger to recognize as this month’s Top Tour Blogger. And to add a little something, Matt has kindly offered a prize for the winner:

    to sweeten the pot this month I’m giving the winner of the blog tour a free, signed copy of the book as well as a limited edition NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD poster (the image of which does not match the book cover, is beautiful, and that the publisher has asked me not to share publicly).

    And now those eligible for the Award:

    We definitely can use your help. Take time to look over these posts if you haven’t already, and then come back here to vote for the blogger you think deserves to be recognized as this month’s CSFF Top Tour Blogger. You have until April 16 to vote.

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