Christmas In Two

How many people saw Jesus in those first days after His birth? Hard to say. After all, Bethlehem was bursting with descendants of David, there to register for the Roman tax. Did they want to share in the birth of another one of theirs, regardless of the rumors that may have floated about regarding His illegitimate conception?

And how about those shepherds who came because an angel told them they’d find a Savior — when they went away broadcasting these events far and wide, did others scurry off in search of the Child wrapped in bits of cloth and cradled in an animal crib?

Of all the people that may have peeked into the face of baby Jesus, there were two people who had been waiting for Him. Two devout people who did not stop looking for their coming King.

One was Simeon, a man God told by His Holy Spirit that he would live to see the Messiah. The day Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple in obedience to the Mosaic Law to have Him circumcised, Simeon went there too at the prompting of the Spirit. He saw Jesus and he knew. He took Jesus in his arms, and in part said

my eyes have seen Your salvation,
Which You have prepared in the presence of all peoples,
And the glory of Your people Israel.” (Luke 2:30-32)

What a great declaration. Yes, Jesus came in prophetic fulfillment as Israel’s Messiah, but also as the blessing of all the nations.

The second person who saw Jesus and recognized Him that day was the eighty-four-year-old prophetess named Anna. She’d been in the temple since she became a widow after a seven-year marriage. As Simeon was talking with Mary, she came up and began giving thanks to God and to talk about Jesus to any looking for the redemption of Israel.

What I learn from these two is that those looking for their Savior recognized Him when they saw Him, even when He was only eight days old. At that point He hadn’t done any miracles. He hadn’t explained Scripture or astounded the people with His command over evil spirits and nature and the religious leaders. He, like other babies, undoubtedly slept a lot and certainly, like every boy before Him, cried when He was circumcised. Yet Simeon and Anna knew Him as the King of kings.

It seems today, things aren’t much different. People looking for their King will recognize Him. And now, during this Christmas season, we can come to Him as Simeon did, we can spread the word about Him as Anna did.

Worship the King
Sandi Patti

Oh, come to the place
Where the Holy Child is laid.
Oh, come let us see
The newborn King.
For He is our God
And greatly to be praised.
Come let us worship the King!

Come, let us worship the King;
Jesus the Savior is Born!
For the Lord will reign
Over all the earth!
Come, let us worship the King;
Jesus the Savior is Born!
For the Lord is great
And greatly to be praised.
Through all the earth,
Let us worship the King! –

“The Savior has come!”
Let all the nations sing.
The mountains ring out
With angelic praise.
The heavens rejoice,
For the earth receives her King.
Come, let us worship the King!

Come, let us worship the King;
Jesus the Savior is Born!
Come, let us worship the King
In all the earth.
Come, let us worship the King!

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