CSFF Blog Tour Wrap – Corus The Champion By D. Barkley Briggs

The holiday season — the days leading up to Thanksgiving and extending through New Year’s Day — is always a hard time to fit in extras. Touring book two of a continuing story is also hard. I guess you could say the tour for Corus The Champion had two strikes against it, but as anyone familiar with baseball (or softball) knows, it only takes one swing to hit a home run. The “one swing” CSFF had, is a great group of 27 bloggers who posted 46 articles reviewing or discussing aspects of D. Barkley Briggs’s excellent epic fantasy.

And now it’s time to vote. But unlike Survivor, none of these bloggers will be shipped off to exile island or booted from the game. Rather, more nearly in the tradition of the Heisman Trophy, we’re choosing the best of the best. The Top Tour Blogger must have posted all three days of the tour and should receive your vote based on how interesting, entertaining, informative, thoughtful, or creative the posts are. So have at it. You’ll have until December 19 to vote and will be choosing from the following:

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