Monday Musing – What Are We Coming To?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things today. I posted over at Spec Faith about “family friendly” fiction, I’ve interacted with others there about Stephen Burnett’s Thursday post on the movie Courageous. I’ve also been learning about middle grade fantasy novelist N. D. Wilson, a Christian who is writing for the general market.

With all these interesting conversations, every time I try to formulate my thoughts for this post, one other subject rears its head. It’s totally a California thing, and my thoughts are little more than rants really.

I’ve tried to frame this issue from a Biblical perspective, from a what-does-it-mean-for-the-country angle. It’s just not working for me.

In the end, I’ve decided to lay it out for you as objectively as I can, and let the facts speak for themselves.

In today’s local newspaper, the Whittier Daily News, on the page reserved for stories connected with the nation or the state, this short summary of an Associated Press story. California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that allows children as young as twelve to be vaccinated for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ consent.

The bill also allows children in this same age group to receive “other STD prevention treatments, including new medicines that help prevent HIV infection if given within 72 hours of exposure.”

There’s more. In the story just below this one, Governor Brown is reported to have signed into law a bill that prevents children under eighteen, with or without their parents’ consent, from using tanning beds.

In the first instance, if I have this right, parents have no say so about a medical treatment for their own children because the government is empowering children to make their own decisions.

In the second instance, parents have no say so about a beauty treatment for their own children because the government is stepping in to protect the children from their own foolish decisions.

Am I wrong to think this is rant worthy?

Let’s face it. What Governor Brown is actually saying is that government alone is wise enough and informed enough to make these critical decisions regarding children. Not parents.

Whether allowing twelve year old kids to get these treatments that could well encourage them to be sexually active, or preventing them from using the tanning treatment, the government is cutting out parents as the guiding force in their children’s lives.

This disturbs me.

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  1. Welcome to California, land of the fruits, nuts, and flakes! My husband and I have been griping about this same thing.

    No solutions, other than to flee the state. :-p


  2. When I was 12, I didn’t know what an STD was, thanks to my parents.


  3. That is the liberal mindset – that the ‘governance’ is smarter, knows more, and is more able to make wise decisions concerning how we spend our money, how we raise our children, how we run our businesses, and what values we hold. To a liberal, it is government who giveth and government who taketh it, in turn, away; and to most perfectly achieve those ends, the governing body should be as large and powerful as possible. This is unacceptable doctrine. It demeans us as individuals and as a society. It far exceeds, even perverts the original tenets and intentions that we have a REPUBLIC; of, for, and by the people. Yes, in a republic, supreme power lies with its citizens.
    Let us apply our rants where they will have the most effect – send the clearest message – in OUR polling places backed up by prayer in OUR places of worship (while they still remain OURS)!


  4. It disturbs me, too. Deeply. As the mother of a preteen daughter, if ever a bill like this were to come up in my state, I’d fight it tooth and nail.


  5. There you go, Chaff. Label it “Liberal” so we have someone to point the fingers at. Never mind that “Conservatives” try to do the same things:

    “[believe] that the ‘governance’ is smarter, knows more, and is more able to make wise decisions concerning how we spend our money, how we raise our children, how we run our businesses, and what values we hold.”

    The only difference is that you probably agree with the dictates that group of politicians tries to impose on the ignorant masses, and since they don’t ruffle your feathers you don’t notice it.

    We do not have a REPUBLICan or DEMOCRATic government. Neither of those terms now means what it should anyway. We have 2 rival factions who are both extreme in their opinions of what should be and both are corrupt. They are corrupt because we have a CAPITALIST government. A government built on selfish- “Me First”, and Darwinian Survival of the Fittest principals. Examine either side in this battle. Neither is Christian and neither is half as concerned with the citizens of this nation as they are with lining their own pockets by telling their own target audience all the sweet words they think those fools want to hear.

    My hope is not in American Government of any kind. Not in any misguided notion that this is or ever was a “Christian Nation”. All of my hope is in Jesus, and my primary citizenship is The Kingdom of God. They can have all the buildings for all I care. The Church isn’t buildings. Maybe if those were gone we’d get a better idea of where our loyalties should be.

    If Christian’s are doing their jobs in raising their own children it should not matter what laws are passed, because their children will trust and respect them and turn to them for guidance. They will already know what the world is about, and where truth is found- but if you are letting America raise your children, then I can understand why you would be upset about the way they are doing their job.


  6. Kessie, I don’t think it’s a good idea to dismiss this as a California thing. The US is becoming fractured along the line of government’s role.– those who think it’s being intrusive and heavy handed and those who think it should save us. Not surprisingly, neither group is ever satisfied.

    Here in California the “government should save us” crowd is in control.

    Melissa, I think it is disturbing. If I were parenting children in this climate, I’d hate this kind of report. At the same time, I think it does remind us that God is ultimately in charge. I love Bob’s comment — would that we could keep our children, children, and they won’t be faced with STDs or tanning beds. Would that we build relationships with them so that parents are the first people they turn to if they need counsel about any problem.

    Chaff, I agree that these laws and this trend of the government to be more and more controlling is far from the vision our founders held. But where we are doesn’t happen overnight.

    Patrick, I think you’re right about much of your evaluation of our government, sad to say. There are undoubtedly people who do want to serve the country, but most in government appear to want to serve themselves more than anything. I’ve said before, the system of lobbying is nothing more than legalized bribery. And what a shame. Representatives don’t represent people any more — they represent special interests.

    But truly the answer isn’t to try and fix a broken governmental system. I think we had the best one conceived by man, and it still only worked well for a couple hundred years.

    Patrick, your perspective is right — we Christians need to be about the business of the Kingdom because our citizenship is in heaven. We need to raise our kids as God tells us to no matter what the government says.

    I’d add, though, that we need to pray for our government leaders and the decisions they make. I can’t help but wonder how much less of a mess our nation would be in if believers prayed — for things the Bible says, not for “our candidate” to win.



  7. I didn’t even know half the stuff the kids at my junior high talked about, thank goodness.

    I should probably start looking for a country to get a second citizenship in….


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