Labor Day Without The Labor

I always thought this holiday was misnamed. It’s the one day when most people purposefully avoid labor.

I live in a noisy urban area — not far from a freeway and a high school. But today the most notable thing about my community was the absence of most work sounds. No lawn mower humming in the distance, no clank of an edger nipping a sidewalk, no mail person rattling shut the sliding door of the truck, no cars whizzing by in the early hours as school staff arrived at work, no chatter or music as students converged on the entrance much later. No street cleaner swishing water and whirling bristles down one side of the street, no rumbling trash trucks stopping and starting with screeching brakes. No sirens in the distance or the blare of a commuter train whistle.

Instead, today has been a day mostly of quiet. Not labor. Perhaps that’s as it should be.

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