CSFF Blog Tour – Residential Aliens, Day 1

Speculative fiction for adults may be the most under represented genre in Christian fiction.

Happily writers continue to write and those who love the genre find ways to bring stories to readers. Author, editor, and publisher (and CSFF member) Lyn Perry is one who has gone out of his way to keep speculative fiction alive. Though not exclusively for the Christian market, his ezine Residential Aliens nevertheless provides a venue for those looking in that direction. From his editor’s page:

Is this a Christian Zine?

In that I am a believer and follower of Christ, yes. The authors and audience, however, may or may not come from a position of faith. But what I think you’ll find here is a collection of quality stories with a moral or spiritual thread that appeals to the broad and varied interests of fans of speculative fiction.

Residential Aliens includes “family friendly” stories “anywhere along the speculative spectrum,” which I assume includes horror, dystopian fiction, space opera, cyberpunk, and perhaps even epic fantasy. Each free online issue, updated bi-monthly, contains five short stories.

A downloadable version is also available for the reasonable price of $2.00. This month, however, in honor of the CSFF tour, this month’s edition is free.

While ResAliens is first an ezine, it is more. Lyn calls it a micropress which releases a quarterly print magazine, themed anthologies, and in the near future, novels.

Lyn has done a good job carving a niche for ResAliens in the social media. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter. These venues seem to have replaced a the once active Forum, though this board remains “live.” The zine blog continues to offer updates for those who prefer receiving news through subscription or at that site.

Residential Aliens‘ current issue 5.5, has more in common with CSFF than this tour, but I’ll discuss that next time. For now, take time to cruise around to other tour participants and see what they are saying about Lyn Perry, his zine, and his micropress.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for the great exposure! I’m joining the tour tomorrow and will link to everyone’s site. Enjoying all the feedback. Lyn


  2. It’s a pleasure to call attention to your work, Lyn. You do so much! It’s really impressive. Do you have others working with you? Just handling submissions and putting out the zine regularly seems like it would take a lot of time, never mind the other aspects of the publication. Hope your goal to publish novels comes to fruition.



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  4. […] the zine, ResAliens boasts a blog and a discussion forum. Becky Miller writes, though, that the “once active Forum” has been replaced by the zine’s […]


  5. I just want to say that I LOVE Residential Aliens and I’ve really enjoyed the work Lyn Perry is doing over there. Keep up the great work! =)


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