Fantasy Friday – Visit The Library

Well, I think it’s great to visit the library, be it a city or county library or even a church library such as I enjoy. I cut my reading teeth on my school library when I was in seventh grade and have loved libraries ever since.

However, in this instance, I’m actually thinking of a virtual library, browsing only — one that is just coming together over at Speculative Faith.

Yes, it’s just coming together, but rather than wait until we have all five hundred or so titles loaded, I suggest readers find a time to visit regularly. For one thing, you can start leaving comments about the books you’ve read.

You see, one of the goals for our browse-only library is to let fans of speculative fiction know what titles are worthy of their dollars and days. As we build up reader responses — not long reviews but simple reaction statements — others will know what books or authors they should consider.

Another reason to visit regularly is that the landscape changes. We add more titles and find ways to make your visiting experience more satisfying. You can help by commenting here — tell us what you like and what you wish you could find in a browse-only library.

By the way, while you’re over at Spec Faith, be sure to read today’s guest post by CSFF member Chawna Schroeder. Her article “Of Distant Places & Daring Sword Fights” is one of the best explanations of what Christians can find in speculative fiction. It’s a well-written piece and worth reading.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea 🙂


  2. I hope there’ll be some easy way to keep up without having to keep coming back and looking around over and over—like how a blog has feeds for posts and comments (and even, depending on the platform, for specific categories).

    And I hope that there will be some way to include lengthier reviews posted elsewhere, preferably something more formal than posting the URL in a comment. Short reader-reactions can be quite helpful, especially in quantity, but a good review (like many of the blog-tour posts since I started reading these blogs) can be even more helpful.


  3. Morgan, glad you think the idea has merit.

    Jonathan, thanks for the input. I like the idea of a separate subscription for the library so those who sign up can receive each update. I don’t know if it’s possible. As it stands now, we have a place on the hope page for the newest posts. But I’ll definitely run this by our tech savvy co-author, Stephen Burnett, who came up with this brilliant library idea.

    The idea of adding reviews is interesting. I’ll pass that along as well. I don’t see why we couldn’t include the ones we have.

    And thanks for the nod to the blog tour. I’m happy to know you find those helpful.

    Keep the suggestions coming!



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