Tour Wrap – Darkness Follows

We had a somewhat smaller tour than usual for Darkness Follows — 20 participants and 40 posts. But the conversation was spirited and our author, Mike Dellosso, was gracious enough to visit and comment frequently. Among the posts you won’t want to miss:

* The chance to win a copy of Darkness Follows from either Noah Aresenault or Nikole Hahn

*A terrific interview with Mike Dellosso – also at Noah’s site

*An excellent two day review by Jessica Thomas (Part 1 and Part 2)

*A look at the growth of Christian horror by Sarah Sawyer

*A review of an earlier Dellosso novel by Steve Trower

Those are just the highlights. There’s plenty of fresh and interesting content from these terrific bloggers (see the complete list of links).

Now we come down to the all important Best CSFF June Blogger Award, to be decided from the participants who posted all three days. And they are:

Now that you know who’s in the running, please vote! Poll closes midnight Pacific time, July 7, or 7/7/11 — cool date! 😀

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