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Author Mike Dellosso

There’s just something about starting a book that lets you know almost at once whether or not you’re in the hands of a competent storyteller or not. When I discover that I am, I immediately relax and let the story take over.

Without a doubt, Mike Dellosso, author of this month’s CSFF Blog Tour feature Darkness Follows is the kind of storyteller that lets me know I’m in good hands. His command of the scene, his visual imagery created through action, his use of similes that not only describe but set the mood — all this and more helps me trust that the author knows what he’s doing.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter Two, and you’ll see what I mean:

Molly was down the steps in no time, slippered feet scuffing the hardwood like fine-grit sandpaper. Her hair was wildly out of place, pushed to one side and matted like steel wool, and pillow crease lines marked her left cheek. Her eyes were wide and bleary, her jaw slack.

“Wha-what happened?” The panic in her voice sent spidery legs down Sam’s back.

She stood at the bottom of the steps in her blue flannel pajamas, palms turned up, expecting an answer. But Sam didn’t have one. He had no idea what had happened. He knew the window had exploded — the glass on the living room floor, glimmering like diamonds in the light, testified to that — but the gunshot …

Was it real? Was it his mind playing war games with him?

He looked at Molly. “I, uh, I’m …” He glanced at the floor then back at her. His damaged brain wouldn’t shift into gear.

She took three steps forward, cautiously, as though creeping through a haunted house and expecting a mischievous teenager in a monster mask to jump from he next corner. She looked into the living room, and her hand went to her mouth. “Sam, what happened? The window.”


It was Eva, standing at the top of the stairs.

Sam was still frozen, his mind a block of ice, unable to make sense of anything hat had transpired in the last fifteen minutes.

Molly spun around. “Eva, stay there, baby. Don’t come down.”

“What happened? Did something break?” She was barefoot in her Dora jammies, clutching her worn-out stuffed dog in her arms. Max. There was no fear in her eyes, only questions.

“Yes, baby,” Molly said. She was in take-charge mode, and Sam knew when she had that look it was best to let her do her thing. “The window broke, that’s all. Nothing to worry about. Just stay there, OK? There’s glass all over the floor.”

Molly looked at Sam again. “What happened? Why’s the front door open? How did the window break?”

Too many questions.

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