Who’s Your Hero? – A Poll

I suspect we all have people we look up to and admire, ones we want to emulate. I’m curious especially about spiritual heroes, specifically ones in the Bible. So let’s do a little investigating via a poll.

You may vote for as many as three, and if you don’t see your hero listed, you may write that person into the mix.

Thanks for taking part. Feel free to add a note in the comments to explain why you voted as you did. Also let your Facebook friends or Twitter followers know about the poll so they can take part, too — any time between now and the end of June. I’m looking forward to the results. 😀

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  1. Love this poll.

    I picked Job, David, and Daniel. Job because he praised God in suffering, David because I love his poetry, his reliance upon God for strength, his faith, and his desire to glorify God, and Daniel because he kept on praying regardless of the cost and he was a man of great integrity.


  2. Nice poll 🙂 Of course, I have to be different. My 3 were not on the list:

    Jonathan: can you imagine being best friends with the guy who would take your place as king? But he was a good friend to David anyway.

    Jeremiah: A man who loved the people God sent him to. That and he worked in ministry for 40 years without a single convert (most people would have left, but not this guy!)

    The blind man in John chp 9: He stood up to the pharisees and pointed out their hypocrisy (even his own mom and dad didn’t stick up for him). He was accused of being a follower of Jesus (if only someone will accuse me of the same thing!).


  3. Joseph: I can’t think of a better story than his.
    David: He slayed a giant against all outward odds.
    The thief on the cross: At the end,in agony,he believed — giving hope for all sinners in their dying breath.


  4. Morgan, I think your choices are excellent. There are so many individuals in Scripture that I could have included, which is why “other” is leading in the poll! 😀

    Bob, I love your addition of the thief on the cross, too. And you can’t miss by selecting Joseph and David.

    Job, David (again), and Daniel are also excellent, Sally. I especially like your reasons for choosing each.



  5. FYI, here are other (besides the ones already mentioned above) “Other” answers:

    Enoch…he walked with God.
    Jonathan, Jeremiah, Blind man Jesus heals in John chp 9
    Jacob – I’ve a soft spot 4 manipulative swindlers


  6. Let me see if I can remember the ones I picked.

    1. Abraham. For one thing, his “going, not knowing” example of following God has had a huge impact on my life. For another, he modeled so completely hearing what seemed like conflicting messages from God and didn’t waver in believing (or acting on his belief).

    2. Ruth. She’s another brave one — leaving her home, family, friends and going to care for her mother-in-law in a strange place where she could easily have faced prejudice.

    3. I think my third one was Daniel. He was such a faithful guy even as a young man, and stayed that way into his old age. He’s a good one for constancy in the face of all kinds of circumstances. Success didn’t go to his head and fear didn’t deter him.



  7. Mary the mother of Jesus would probably be the first hero named by generations of women. Completely in tune with God’s will, knew to test the supernatural when it happened to her, retained her humility despite being addressed by a title by an angel rather than by name, went on to treasure everything in her heart without fighting God, and her last recorded words in the Bible are “Do whatever He tells you.” It’s hard to argue with that. 🙂


  8. My three faves are Joshua, Caleb, and Ehud!!


  9. I chose the Apostle Paul, Job, and (other)”All the prophets”


  10. Phil, Mary is a great pick. She demonstrated faith at such a young age and at such risk to her reputation. She was so yielded, so willing to let God use her as He saw fit. Definitely a woman to admire. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.



  11. Joshua and Caleb are nearly two sides of the same coin, Greg. That’s almost cheating. 😆

    And Ehud because he was left-handed? Because hew was a deliverer? Because he walked into the “lion’s den” and found a way to come out alive? An interesting choice, certainly!

    Sam, “all the prophets” might be cheating too. 😉

    Certainly their relationship with God and their “suffering and patience” as James says, are admirable.

    Unlike you, though, I don’t look at them all the same. My heart especially goes out to Ezekiel whose wife died but God required him not to mourn for her. And of course Jeremiah was beaten and tossed in a pit where he was left to die until God brought someone to get him out. Those are two of my favorites among the prophets, I think.

    Both of you, thanks for taking part in the poll!



  12. I picked three women, just to make it easier on myself.

    I chose Ruth because I think it’s amazing that she went with Naomi and did everything Naomi said. In so doing she was used by God in the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Boaz is a big hero for stepping up to the plate as well.)

    Esther rawks (well, rawked)! She also obeyed Mordecai and the head eunuch. As a result, the King chose her among all the other girls to be his new Queen. AND she risked her life going to the King without being summoned in order to save her people.

    I chose Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha from Bethany because she provided me with the example to “choose what is right” (to sit and listen to Jesus). I don’t always follow that example, but she provided it to all the Martha’s like me.

    One thing they all have in common is “no whining” attitude. None of them complained about their lot in life:
    — widowed/stranger in a strange land,
    — kidnapped and forced to marry a old man with the potential of never being summoned again/in danger of death for approaching the King unbeckoned and
    — complained about by her sister for not helping cook and clean.

    Other obvious female choices include Rahab, Deborah, Lydia and Phoebe. Oh, and Mrs. Noah. She stood by her husband when everyone else thought he was NUTS.


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