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Some visitors here at A Christian Worldview Of Fiction may have noticed that I don’t write as many “for writer” posts as I once did. I haven’t mentioned it often, but I have a second blog.

I realized recently I need to make this clear. I was conversing with another blogger who I thought had abandoned the blog I’d subscribed to. Turns out she’d just started a new one where she was talking about different things. I would have happily followed her to her new blog, but I didn’t know about it. Horrors, I thought, I’ve done the same thing! 😮

So now it’s out. Once a week (usually Saturday) I post writing tips over at Rewrite, Reword, Rework, my editing blog.

Fantasy stays here, though. Fantasy is for us all, writers, readers, thinkers. It’s just the best genre! (But I might be a tad partial in that assessment 😉 ).

At any rate, I thought it was timely to put up a Fantasy Friday post because there’s a lot happening in fantasy/speculative fiction land.

First, AMG Publishers/Living Inc has several books out or coming out.

Scott Appleton may be a new author to you, but he’s about to release his second book this summer. He created a small press and published his first novel in the Sword Of The Dragon series, Swords Of The Six. The book sold well, and now AMG has picked up the entire series. The first title is already available.

Also new to the AMG family is D. Barkley Briggs who first published The Book of Names, first in the Legends of Karac Tor, with NavPress. When the company decided to end its fiction line, the rest of the series was homeless. Until now. The first book re-released last month and the second, Corus the Champion, is due out in two weeks!

In addition AMG is continuing the series of fan favorites — C. S. Lakin, whose second book in The Gates Of Heaven series, Map Across Time, released in March, and Bryan Davis who returns to the world of Billy and Bonnie Bannister in the Children Of The Bard series. Book one is due out this summer.

For the middle grade/YA crowd, in January the Miller Brothers and Warner Press released book three of the Codebearers Series, Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends.

WaterBrook Press has a key adult fantasy release. Jeffrey Overstreet‘s conclusion of the Auralia’s Thread series, The Ale Boy’s Feast hit bookshelves last month and happily the CSFF Blog Tour will feature it in May.

Finally, today is the day the next set of Marcher Lord Press books is available:

Christy Award winning author Jill Williamson’s From Darkness Won, book three of the Blood Of Kings series, Mitchell Bond’s Hero In Hiding, second in the Hero Complex Series; and well-known science fiction author Kathy Tyers’ re-release of Firebird, complete with newly created maps and annotations.

If all that wasn’t enough, popular YA author (The Door Within series, two stand-alone pirate fantasies, and co-author of The Berinfell Prophecies) Wayne Thomas Batson has new series with AMG. The first book in The Dark Sea Annals Series, The Sword in the Stars, came out last fall. Now there is a contest involving his completion of book two, The Errant King. It’s a dual of sorts, with his co-author Christopher Hooper.

There you have it. Lots of books to enjoy, now and in the days ahead.

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  1. I’ve debated seriously about creating a separate For Writing blog, but am for now just keeping the Writing in with the rest of the stuff. Of course I’m sure I lose the non writers on writing days and vice versa.


  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and love this idea of talking about books that are about to come out in my favorite genre.


  3. Looking forward to delving into some of these books! Love the Blood Of Kings series and Aurelia-inspiring!


  4. Thanks for the mention, Becky! And let me declare here that I will be victorious! Long, flowing locks shall prevail!


  5. Thank you for mentioning me! I am very excited to be writing for AMG, and the second novel will release July 15th 2011!


  6. Also, I think writing more Christian-fantasy-related posts would be great. I miss seeing more of this stuff on your blog. (-;


  7. Katherine, I would have kept my writing posts here, but I wanted a site where I could post my editing information. It seemed logical to put some regular content there, so as I come up with writing topics, I’d rather save them for that site. Hence this one has become more and more a Christian worldview site with thoughts about fiction from time to time. Rarely do I write about writing here any more. Marketing occasionally. Obviously I don’t want to lose the writers who have come to A Christian Worldview of Fiction, but I’m happy that the audience seems to be broadening.



  8. Eve, it really is exciting to see so many good titles releasing, isn’t it!

    Wayne, thanks for stopping by. I love your dual with Christopher. What a great idea!

    Scott, thank you, too, for taking time to comment. I do need to remember to keep fantasy on this blog. I realized after reading your comment that I’ve sort of migrated toward saving my posts on speculative fiction for my Monday articles at Spec Faith.

    But fantasy is who I am second to being a Christian — 😀 — so I want to keep a focus on it here.



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