Do Nice People Go To Hell?

What a question, Do nice people go to hell. There’s a couple things we have to define, the first being “hell.”

In the New Testament, Jesus used the word we translate as “hell,” the most, which kind of shoots the ideas that some emergent thinkers have, and which Rob Bell alluded to in his promotional video, that Jesus is loving and the Father depicted in the Old Testament is wrathful.

Even a casual reading of the gospels shows that Jesus made a clear statement about the judgment of those who reject Him. But how does He characterize this judgment? Sometimes as a place of darkness. Other times as a place where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” In one parable, Jesus says the evil servant will be assigned a place with the hypocrites. In Luke’s account of Jesus sending away those who claimed to know Him, He said they would be put out of the kingdom of God. And, yes, sometimes He made reference to a furnace or a place where there will be fire and brimstone.

Interesting that we camp on the image of fire, when all these other descriptions are also in Scripture. One pastor I recently heard believes we have formed our opinion of hell more from classic literature than from Scripture. For example, he pointed out that hell is the place created for Satan and his demons — spiritual beings. Consequently physical fire, it would seem, would have no effect on them.

What we know for sure about hell is that it is the just judgment God will assign to the wicked. “So it will be at the end of the age; the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous” (Matt. 13:39).

So that brings up the question: Can nice people be “wicked”? We know that there is none righteous, no not one. If we aren’t righteous — and what makes us “unrighteous” is that our own righteousness is nothing but contaminated tatters — then we are all, at our best, sinners.

Can sinners be nice people? Actually, yes. Before we were sinners we were made in God’s image. We have that about us still, though His glory is marred by our love of and commitment to ourselves. We are still a nice bunch … as long as I can be nice and receive credit for it. Or I can be nice without going out of my way too much. Or I can be nice and receive the same in return.

In short, we might look nice, but we come back to what Scripture says about our very best — it’s not pretty. And it most certainly is not efficacious for that which we need most — an answer to our sin condition.

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