CSFF Blog Tour Wrap – The God Hater

As the tour for Bill Myers’ The God Hater winds up, I realize that I missed an opportunity to dive headlong into one of the knottier theological topics — free will. After all, the story revolved around the need for a group of scientists creating a virtual world to give their e-humans free will. Fortunately a couple of our bloggers, Rachel Briard and Thomas Clayton Booher, addressed the issue.

The question theologians have wrestled with in the past, but which we today seem to dodge, is this: Do we humans have free will? That question is often married to another on: Is God truly sovereign over all creation?

My answer to both is yes and yes, and I think The God Hater gives a good picture of how this apparent dichotomy is true.

The scientists, before they created their virtual world, decided their e-humans must have free will. It was their “sovereign” choice to give their “creations” the ability to choose. However, when those virtual people chose self-destruction, the scientists “tweaked” the program, introducing ideas to affect those choices.

In the end the e-humans were still free to choose because the “sovereign” scientists had determined that they could. Of course this is a simplistic view, but I thought it merited more space in the tour discussion, and I’m sorry I didn’t bring it up sooner.

On to the wrap. A total of 40 bloggers posted 76 articles about The God Hater, making this the biggest tour since Stephen Lawhead’s The Skin Map tour back in November.

As you might expect, we have a long list of bloggers eligible for the February CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award. Please take time to review these articles (you’re in for some interesting reading) in the next ten days, and vote for your favorite.

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