CSFF Blog Tour – Dragons of the Valley, Day 1

The CSFF Blog Tour is making up ground we lost last October. Consequently we have two tours here in the month of January — this one for Donita Paul, the author who helped us get started more than four years ago, and her for-all-ages fantasy, Dragons of the Valley.

Astute observers will note that the book in the picture to the left, while containing a dragon, is not Dragons of the Valley. This is intentional. While I certainly plan to talk about our featured book in the next few days, I can’t pass up the opportunity to point fans of fantasy to Donita’s web site.

Besides the Adventure Contest, a writing event for children, Donita is holding a Creative Cakes Contest in which you send her cake. No, just kidding. You send her pictures of the dragon cake you make.

These two events are promoting Donita’s children’s books. Yes, you read that correctly. Children’s books, as in picture books. You can learn more at her web site. As writers can about her Monday chats discussing The Art and Craft of Writing Fiction by Jeff Gerke.

There’s more, so much more — a list of resources, an art gallery, recipes, games, links to her blogs, free downloads, and of course the Zazzle shop where you can buy cool dragon items like tee shirts and mugs.

For writers, I say take a look at someone who is getting the most out of her web site. For fans, I say take a look at her web site to see how you can maximize the fun of the books you love. For those who have yet to read a Donita Paul book, I say, check out what the other participants of the tour are saying about Dragons of the Valley, then go buy a copy and get in on the enjoyment. 😀

Here are the other tour participants:

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