CSFF Blog Tour – The Wolf of Tebron, Day 1

Author C. S. (Susanne) Lakin penned this week’s CSFF Blog Tour feature, The Wolf of Tebron, first in The Gates of Heaven series (Living Ink Books).

Interestingly, Susanne provides Endnotes, something atypical for fiction. The first of these identifies “The Enchanted Pig” from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a source of inspiration for her novel. While I didn’t find the story in my edition of Grimm’s, I found what I believe to be the tale that inspired Susanne.

“The Enchanted Pig,” included in Andrew Lang’s The Red Fairy Book, is a Romanian fairy tale, collected in Rumanische Märchen. Happily, it is online here. Those who have already read The Wolf of Tebron will find it interesting to compare the two stories.

Fairytales grew out of the larger body of folklore—the traditions of a culture passed on through art, music, and of course, story. Some stories took on specific features and varying purposes, so tomorrow, I plan to take a little closer look at the difference between fables, fairytales, and parables.

Scholars have studied fairytales originating across the globe and have found common elements, or motifs. Each story, then, has been classified according to the central motif. Other scholars have studied the function of the various characters of fairytales, something akin to Joseph Campbell’s, Hero’s Journey.

Early fairytales were written primarily for adults but did not exclude children. A process began, however, of stripping some elements from the stories, particularly sexual aspects, and eventually children became the target audience. Today most fairytales are aimed first at children, but adults are not excluded.

Movie examples of this trend are the Shrek movies and the more recent Tangled, inspired by the Grimm’s fairytale, Rapunzel. Much of the humor is considerably more sophisticated and consequently more appreciated by adults.

Interestingly, The Wolf of Tebron is marketed to adults rather than to the young adult crowd, not because of humor, certainly, but I’ll touch upon that in my review later this week.

For now, check out what other bloggers writing about The Wolf of Tebron have to say:

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