If Jesus Came To Your House

When I was teaching—English to seventh and eighth graders—we did a speech unit. Students selected poems or prose pieces (and later, puppet scripts), memorized them, and recited them in front of the class.

One of the poems provided was “If Jesus Came To Your House.” It was a little shorter than some, with an easy rhythm and a clear rhyme, so over the years, I heard that one quite often. It was all about what you might do if Jesus came as a guest. Would you have to hide some magazines and put the Bible where they’d been, for example.

Of course, today magazines wouldn’t be as much an issue as your computer’s online history. “Would you have to hide the sites you’ve searched” might be a line from the revised version of the poem.

The basic question actually is a good one.

What if Jesus came to my house for His birthday celebration? Would we feel a little awkward, the way you do with that aunt you only see once a year or the great-uncle who starts most of his sentences, “I remember the time …”

Would we want to listen to Jesus’s stories, or would we tell Him to wait until after the game?

Would we ask Him what He got us for Christmas, or would we have a gift for Him waiting under the tree?

If Jesus came to my house on Christmas day, would I have to check my grumbling and complaining because no one is out in the kitchen helping with the dishes? Would we have to finish the argument later about why we didn’t invite the in-laws this year?

Would we find it hard to relax, thinking we had to be on our best behavior for the King, or would we tell Him to make Himself comfortable, then go about our business? Maybe we’d cluster around Him and ask Him to lead us in Christmas carols or ask Him what it was like to be both God and Man at the same time.

Would any of us think to ask Him what it was like to leave Heaven for … here? Or would we think to ask Him what the earth He created was like before sin took effect?

I wonder if we’d scurry around and try to make Him comfortable. You know, give Him the best chair, ask Him what His favorite foods are, and make a last minute grocery store run if need be. I wonder if we’d turn up the heat if we thought He looked cold or ask Him questions to be sure He’s included in the conversation.

I wonder if we’d go beyond trying to make Him comfortable and become concerned about making Him feel special. After all, it is His birthday we’re celebrating. So, do we know what would make Him feel special? It’s an important question.

Would He want us to read the Bible all morning or hold a prayer meeting? Or can we make Him feel special by making the other people we’re with feel special?

I wonder, will Christmas this year look anything like it might if Jesus came to my house?

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  1. That poem (If Jesus came to your house) is also a song on one of my favorite country gospel CDs.

    The thing we forget is that Jesus IS in our house and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. That’s why I recently moved my Infant of Prague (statue of the Child Jesus) from an out of the way corner to a niche on my writing desk, to remind me of the ‘lo, I am with you always’ thing.

    I sure hope He is a Doctor Who fan…..


  2. Though provoking……thanks!


  3. I went to a funeral yesterday. That friend died suddenly of a heart attack (55). She was ‘rough around the edges and plainly spoke her mind — but she could give the right answers when talking about her relationship with God… Her sister whom she hadn’t talked to for over a year was there – in tears – over a foolish argument. I hope that friend is at the house of Jesus this Christmas – but I do not know.


  4. Thanks for the thought provoking ideas. I sure hope I would be ready when He visits my house. For me, I would sincerely try my best to have a ready heart and mind to accept whatever change He would want to do to my life. I hope He’d visit soon. I can’t wait!


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