Weddings And Birthday Parties

This past weekend was funly busy. Saturday I met with a group of friends to celebrate a couple birthdays. We met at an Italian restaurant I used to enjoy years ago, ordered our food to go, then trailed on back to one of the other women’s home.

We ate, talked, had tea and dessert, and prayed. It was a rich time.

Sunday evening I attended a wedding of a former student who also happened to be my neighbor for ten years. Now he’s all grown up, a fine young man.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. The setting was at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel and Resort, outdoor in the courtyard gazebo. A very intimate gathering.

The pastor who married the couple was the same man they met with for premarital counseling. He knew them and you could tell they felt at ease with him. What he said to them about marriage was excellent. The vows the bride and groom exchanged were impressive too—very real.

After the exchange of rings, they took communion and performed a sand ceremony (similar to a unity candle ceremony). Then the big kiss, with the groom dipping his wife a bit. 😀

The reception was elegant and fun at the same time. The bride apparently was personally responsible for much of the details that made the event so special.

So what’s it all about—this celebrating, this milestone marking? Being with friends, laughing and talking, hugging and handshaking. What does God think of our toasts and our gift exchanges, of our catch-up conversations and story swapping?

I have to admit, I’ve never thought about that before. We know Jesus attended at least one wedding feast and at his mother’s prompting helped insure that the host pulled off a proper get-together. But did His disciples celebrate His birthday? Maybe pooled their money in order to give Him a new pair of sandles? Or that fine, seamless robe He wore?

Who knows. But throughout Scripture, milestones seem to be important. God continually told His people to remember this or remember that, and He gave them—gave us—things to do to help in the remembrance.

Maybe that’s the point of celebrations. These are markers offering us opportunities to remember—God’s goodness, His leading, His work on our behalf in the past, which gives us hope for the future.

So here’s to celebrations. May they forever cause us to remember who God is and what He’s done.

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