I Don’t Like Change

Anyone who knows me is probably laughing at the title of this post. It’s almost an understatement. I mean, look how long it took me to change my blog template. (And I hope you like this one because I’m apt to keep it for quite some time! 😉 )

Well, recently I learned that Bloglines, the place I collected the blogs I wanted to read regularly, will cease operation October 1. YIKES, I thought. I do not want all those blogs coming to my email box as some subscriptions require.

I’ve been on the lookout for something comparable to Bloglines and I think I found it. Google Reader seems to be a good alternative. Exporting my subscriptions from Bloglines even went smoothly. (Counting my template change, I now have a record two in a row technology changes that went well the first time! 😮 )

Anyway, all this is really nothing more than telling you why I have nothing of import to post today. I spent my blog time figuring Google Reader out.

Now I need to see if they have a button or something I can put in my sidebar.

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