The 2010 Clive Staples Award Winner

Nineteen nominations.

Thirty days of voting.

One winner.

After deleting ineligible ballots and ones that did not adhere to the instructions, I can now reveal the 2010 Clive Staples Award winner. Since no nomination had a majority of the votes, I took into consideration the choices for second and third place.

The leading novel finished with 33% of the first place votes, 12% of the second place votes, and 5% of the third place votes, meaning that this book received votes on 50% of the ballots.

The nearest other nomination received votes on 38% of the ballots.

Here are the top five books readers participating in the 2010 CSA—Readers Choice selected as the best:

Number 5, Lunatic by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill (Thomas Nelson). Learn more about this novel from the CSA introduction.

Number 4, By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson (Marcher Lord Press). See the CSA intro for details about this Christy Award winning novel.

Number 3, Curse of the Spider King by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper (Thomas Nelson). Story summary, links to reviews, interviews, and more available in the CSA Introductory post.

Number 2, Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K Paul (WaterBrook/Multnomah).
Young adult/adult Christian fantasy

Book 1, Dragons of Chiril
Tipper is a young emerlindian who’s responsible for the upkeep of her family’s estate during her sculptor father’s absence. Tipper soon discovers that her actions have unbalanced the whole foundation of her world, and she must act quickly to undo the calamitous threat. But how can she save her father and her world on her own?

The task is too huge for one person, so she gathers the help of some unlikely companions–including the nearly five-foot tall parrot Beccaroon–and eventually witnesses the loving care and miraculous resources of Wulder.

Join new characters and old friends in a fantasy that inhabits the same world as the DragonKeeper Chronicles, but in a different country and an earlier time, where the people know nothing of Wulder or Paladin.

What others are saying:

Something original. Does not happen often in the genre of fantasy fiction. However, The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K. Paul manages to take the idea of “something old, something new” to a whole new level. From the tip of a tumanhofer’s tongue to the feet of an aged emerlindian’s throne, this epic adventure of self-discovery simply challenges the reader to do what makes reading the best form of entertainment: use the imagination. Not since the days of my youth has a novel moved and inspired me in such a mysterious manner. At thirty-four, I became fifteen again, rediscovering emotions and excitement I had not felt since first reading books like Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Richard A. Knaak’s The Legend of Huma, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

– J.R. Seus, reviewed at

Learn more at the Vanishing Sculptor introduction.

* * *
NUMBER 1, the 2010 CSA Readers’ Choice Winner

    Bones of Makaidos by Bryan Davis

Young adult Christian contemporary fantasy/supernatural suspense

As the fiery wall of Abraham dies away, the people of Second Eden wait for the coming war. Giants and dragons will soon break through the barrier and attack, powered by the hatred they have stored up for four years. Although they have prepared for the onslaught, a spy has come among them, one who learns their weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Bonnie, Shiloh, and Sapphira leave their protective hideout deep in the heart of Hades. Equipped with a new secret weapon, they are now ready to join Billy, Walter, Ashley and the others in second Eden to help them and the good dragons fight the invading army.

As the battle rages, a new helper arises, the only one who knows how to use Bonnie’s secret weapon, but the spy is ready to destroy him the moment he arrives. And with Devin the dragon slayer in their midst, proving that more evil forces have descended upon their world, the people of New Eden don’t know whom to trust.
– from

What others are saying:
From the time that Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver fled the dragon slayer in the Dragons In Our Midst books, I fell in love with this series. Bryan Davis captures the wonder of discovery and teaches biblical truths along the way. The Bones of Makaidos ended the story of Billy and Bonnie in a way that I found completely satisfying. I loved the character Abaddon. Bryan Davis has a knack for powerful dialogue that teaches truth without ‘preaching’ to the reader. If you have not read his series . . . you are missing out on a great tale!
– Scott Appleton, Flaming Pen Press

Learn More
Read or listen to interviews with Bryan Davis at Blog Talk Interview, Incredibooks, Write Big, Yodeling Dwarf, 4 the Love of Books.
Read reviews of The Bones of Makaidos at Newbie Critics, Incredibooks, The mind and soul of Ian, The Insanity of a Homeschooler.
Read the first chapter.

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Congratulations on this reader recognition, Bryan.

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