CSFF August Tour Wrap

Announcement, announcement.

    One week remaining in the Clive Staples Award voting. If you have yet to enter your choice for this readers’ award, stop by CSA for the list of nominations, short introductions of each book, and the voting instructions. Remember, each voter must have read a minimum of two nominated books.

Our experimental “Your Favorite” tour was a wonderful success. Thirty bloggers posted over fifty articles. As could be expected, the Masters, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, were recognized frequently. The other big winner (except we weren’t keeping score and there is no prize) would seem to be George Bryan Polivka’s Blaggard’s Moon. More than one participant included that book (also a CSA nomination) on a list of favorites. Several picked it as number one.

Several books published by small presses were also spotlighted. These are novels that might never become CSFF features because of the cost of sending out so many review copies, so it was especially gratifying to see them receive attention this week.

Once again we have a good group of bloggers who posted three, and some four, times, making them eligible for the August CSFF Top Tour Blogger Award. (In case you missed it, the July winner for the Starlighter tour was Jeff Chapman with these three posts: 1, 2, 3).

Here are the bloggers you may choose from, with the links to their articles;

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