CSFF Blog Tour – Your Favorite, Day 3

Yes, we have a day three post after all. (Blessings on repairmen!)

Before I forget, which I did yesterday, I want to steer you over to the Clive Staples Award site. You can find the list of nominations as well as descriptions of the books and links to reviews, sample chapters, book trailers, author interviews, you name it.

Why is this important? First so that you can vote in the Readers’ Choice Award (be sure to read the instructions), but also so that you can make a note of the books you’d like to add to your library or to give as a gift. There are YA selections, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural suspense—really, something for everyone.

Also, tell your friends about the award. You might be surprised who has read at least two of the nominations (the minimum requirement to be eligible to vote).

And now, on to today’s Favorite: my favorite book yet to be published.

The author is a friend

who comments here at A Christian Worldview of Fiction from time to time.

The novel I’m referring to as my favorite yet-to-be-published is actually her second finished book.

This one is YA (the first was middle grade, I believe),

a girl book,

a fairytale in the vein of Shannon Hale’s work (The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, Book of a Thousand Days).

The story has a strong, sassy young protagonist who thinks she knows what she needs to do to fix her broken world. Instead she makes matters worse and endangers the very people she loves most, or comes to love most. (Yes, there is some romance 😀 ).

The writing is strong, artful, vivid. (I’d post a sample, but don’t have permission to do so).

The book is hard to put down—which means, the plot is compelling. There’s intrigue and suspense and conflict and surprises (especially at the moments when you most think you’ve got things figured out).

So who is this author?

She’s been an occasional participant in the CSFF Blog Tour, is the founder of the Children’s Book Blog Tour

a winner of the ACFW Genesis contest, winner of an SCBWI (children’s writers organization) work-in-progress grant, and (I think) honorable mention of the SCBWI Most Promising Work Award.

Formerly from Alaska, she now lives outside of Atlanta.

She’s a recent widow, homeschools her two children and cares for her elderly mother.

She blogs about books and writing at Whispers of Dawn and is currently seeking an agent (may be close to signing with someone soon).

Keep your ears open for books from Sally Apokedak, especially the one now titled The Button Girl.

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  1. Wow! I’m so honored!

    As much as I would have loved to have gotten anywhere near the SCBWI’s Most Promising Work Award (the Sue Alexander Award, is the official title, I think) I must confess that I have not nabbed that one.

    But being chosen as the favorite unpublished novel of the esteemed writer of the A Christian Worldview of Fiction blog means more to me than the Sue Alexander Award.

    What’s making me laugh now is that I had no idea who you were going to pick. I was reading with interest to see who you were going for and I was thinking, “Jill Williamson? But isn’t her second novel published?”

    heh heh. It wasn’t until I hit the part about Shannon Hale that it dawned on me.

    Thanks for the honor and for the chuckle, Beck.


  2. Loved this :).


  3. Well, Sally, I get all those SCBWI contests mixed up. At any rate, I know you’ve received recognition in both CBA and ABA organizations. It’s quite an accomplishment.

    I’m so looking forward to your work getting out to the public.

    Rachel, thanks. I wanted to do something a little different, and starting early promo seemed to fit. 😉



  4. Wahoo Sally 🙂


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