CSFF Blog Tour – Where Is Day 3

I’m having Internet connection issues and may not be able to write a real post for our Day 3 Favorites Tour (in fact, I’m not sure when I’ll be back up and running—hopefully very soon). You all carry on without me—just don’t have too much fun. 😉

I’ll look forward to catching up when I can.

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CSFF Blog Tour – Your Favorite, Day 2

Because of my hesitation to declare a “favorite” I was tempted to turn one post into a “what is YOUR favorite” questionnaire or poll, but that’s probably cheating. For certain it would be a cowardly dodge.

I wish I’d thought to do what Jason Joyner is doing in his posts (here and here)—a count-down to his favorite. I wish I had the rich history of fantasy as a child, like Donita Paul had, so I could list out my favorite children’s books. I wish I’d thought to use one of my favorites to discuss good writing technique as Thomas Clayton Booher did with Blaggard’s Moon.

But here I am, left to my own devices. So I’ll devote today’s post to my favorite piece of Christian speculative NEWS.

Certainly one of the much talked of pieces of news is Kathy Tyers, author of Firebird, signing with Marcher Lord Press, but that’s not what I have in mind. Rather, this piece of news, which is actually news that news is coming, involves a much less known author. In fact, let’s see how many hints you all need for this one.

(1) CSFF featured a novel by the author connected to the piece of news I’m about to share (the news that news is coming).

(2) The work is the first in a YA fantasy trilogy

(3) about two of four brothers

(4) and a portal into another world

(5) opened by a viking runestone.

(6) Threads of Arthurian legend run throughout.

(7) The world in which the brothers find themselves, Karac Tor, is in deadly peril.

(8) Each brother discovers a unique power in this world,

(9) one that may help them against the dark forces

(10) stealing names.

(11) The third unpublished book in the series is tentatively titled The Song of Unmaking.

(12) The second is Corus the Champion.

(13) That one was canceled by the publisher weeks before release because of a change in direction away from fiction.

(14) The author himself is a him.

(15) He experienced the tragic death of his first wife

(16) and began writing fantasy for his four sons.

(17) Later he remarried a widow with four children of her own.

(18) Among his fantasy influences, the author mentions Patricia McKillip, Stephen R. Donaldson, Ursila K. Leguin, Madeline L’Engle, and Lloyd Alexander.

(19) His last name rhymes with figs.

So have you figured it out yet? How many clues did you need?

I’m referring to D. Barkley Briggs and his Legends of Karac Tor trilogy which started with The Book of Names.

And now for the news. This from an email and Facebook message Dean sent out:

Against all our collective wishes, the series seemed to die, and part of the dream died, too. Or did it? Die…or delay?

Hold on to your magic runes, friends! Adventure still awaits us all in the Hidden Lands. I have big news coming. Your patience and prayers will (hopefully) pay off very soon. Stay tuned…

So there you have it—news that news is coming. And it’s my favorite current piece of Christian speculative news.

Be sure to check out what other tour participants are discussing regarding their favorite Christian speculative fiction (links are at the end of yesterday’s post).

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