Will There Be a Fund-Raising Concert for Pakistan?

Until the last day or two I heard nothing on the network news about the flooding in Pakistan. I first became aware of the devastation and the desperate need for help from the BBC news broadcast carried by PBS.

Why is this, I wondered. It’s not like the US has no interest in the region. I mean we have military troops on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and have long sought help from the Pakistanis in our fight against the Taliban.

It’s not like America has been stingy in responding to other world crises, whether it’s an earthquake, a hurricane, a tidal wave, or what have you. It’s not like we only respond to those close to home or to those who have governments friendly to ours.

Then why, when reports are that the flooding in Pakistan is a greater tragedy than Katrina and Hatti combined, are we not hearing more about relief efforts?

In deed, it seems the US military has done some air drops using their helicopters, but it seems a feeble effort in light of the wide-spread tragedy. Already people are dying from cholera and suffering because of dehydration. Is starvation far behind?

Acres and acres of crops are under water. The few refugee camps that are forming have no food.

But the leading headline for today’s LA Times online? “Court orders furloughs back on starting Friday.” That’s an article about a uniquely Californian problem, something that’s not a surprise in a California paper. However, the next two articles are about Iraq and General Motors. In fact, I don’t see a single mention of Pakistan on the entire home page. (For the record, the NY Times is little better, including only a link to an article about Pakistan aid lagging.)

Why this omission? I could theorize, but maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe all that counts is that Christians rise up to come to the aid of those who are suffering by supporting the organizations who are involved in relief efforts.

And even more important, we need to be praying for God to use this tragedy for His purposes, for His glory. Could this “natural disaster” be yet another call for the people of the world to repent of our sins?

The Old Testament is filled with instances when God brought or allowed crises to bring peoples to their knees. Sometimes they repented and turned to God. Sometimes they hardened their hearts and refused to acknowledge Him as God.

Can we not pray for a work of His Spirit to bring people to a knowledge of His Son and repentance for their disregard for Him? Can we not pray for God to be merciful and bring help in time of need? Can we not be Christ’s hands and feet (and pocketbook) to the Pakistanis so that they learn about our compassionate and loving heavenly Father through us?

Or will we trust that eventually the entertainment community will put on a Pakistani Relief Concert to provide the hundreds of thousands of dying people a little clean water?

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