Fantasy Friday – Focus on Faith

First, I’d love to have more feedback on the Charismatic Characters poll. If you haven’t participated yet, please take a moment to let your opinion out. 😉

Second, on Monday, voting for the Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction – Readers’ Choice gets under way. There’s still time to read the minimum two required nominations to participate because the voting will continue throughout the month of August.

And now, faith. The first Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference I attended, Ted Dekker was one of the speakers. One of the most impressive, inspirational parts of the conference was his tale recounting his journey to publication, including the part where he and his family started selling off some of their non-essentials in order to make ends meet. Ted, you see, believed God had called him to write, but he was running out of money.

If God calls me to the task of writing, should I be afraid of what lies ahead?

Over and over, the believer has God’s promise that He will be with him, go before him, live inside him, and will never leave him or forsake him or fail him. As a result, we’re told not to be shocked, not to be afraid, not to tremble or be dismayed.

Why? Because God is going to make us best sellers like Ted Dekker? We have no such promise.

We do know that God is good, that He is trustworthy, and that His plans involve eternal matters, so we can put our unqualified confidence in Him, knowing that light affliction might await us now, but now is not the end of the story.

Any novelist knows, conflict deepens the closer we get to the climactic scene. But how sweet the resolution when the character faces Mount Doom and survives.

When Christ Who is our Life is with us and for us, should we expect less? Do we think we novelists can write a better story than the Author of life?

Too often our problem is expecting resolution in the middle of the story, or expecting a conflict-free story.

Faith sees the big picture, however, not just the dark night of the soul when all of life seems to be at odds with our calling. If God put me on this path, I might ask, why are things hard?

I suggest there are several possible answers, though I am sure there are others. Things might be hard in order to:

  • glorify His name by giving me patience through the uncertainty
  • teach me what I need to know to be a better writer
  • teach me what I need to know to love Him more truly and trust Him more deeply
  • prepare and bring those who will read my work
  • encourage others who come along behind
  • glorify His name by accomplishing He purposes through my writing in His time

When Daniel was caught praying and sentenced to the lion’s den, did that mean God had failed or abandoned His servant? We who know the end of the story can say emphatically, Of course not!

Yet too often we look at the lions-den circumstances of our own lives, our own writing careers, and think God isn’t going to come through for us. He’s let us down. Forgotten us. Failed.

Oh, we of little faith. Too little faith!

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